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WRHR Scholars

Women's Reproductive Health Research - Current Scholars

Research Seminars

Research seminars are held once a month throughout the entire year, giving students, faculty, staff, and guests the opportunity to meet, learn about current research and have discussions. The WRHR Scholars present once a year at the seminars. Dr. Mann is scheduled to present in August, 2014.

To view their talks, follow the links below.

"Adiponectin: A Novel Therapy for Spontaneous Preterm Birth" by Brian Nielsen, M.D., M.S. (February, 2014)

"Kisspeptin in Implantation and Placentation: the Story Continues..." by Renju Raj, M.D. (January, 2014)

"The Effect of Perivascular Adipose Tissue on Vascular Contractility in Mesenteric Vessels of Late Pregnant Rats" by Stephanie Mann, M.D. (October, 2013)

"Effects of Kisspeptin on Trophoblast Induced Spiral Artery Remodeling in-vivo" by Renju Raj, M.D. (February, 2013)

"Adiponectin and Uterine Contractility" by Brian Nielsen, M.D., M.S. (February, 2013)

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