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National Improvement Partnership Network (NIPN)

National Improvement Partnership Network University of Vermont College of Medicine

The National Improvement Partnership Network (NIPN) is a network of over 20 states that have developed Improvement Partnerships to advance quality and transform healthcare for children and their families. An Improvement Partnership is a durable state or regional collaboration of public and private partners that uses the science of quality improvement and a systems approach to change healthcare infrastructure and practice. Vermont’s Improvement Partnership, the Vermont Child Health Improvement Program (VCHIP), provides leadership to NIPN.

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NIPN Annual Meeting

Taking place on November 9-10, 2015 in Burlington, VT the NIPN Annual Meeting is designed to actively engage participants with real-world, hands-on training and tools in program development and sustainability, and includes focused content on conducting quality improvement activities in primary care settings. Sessions are tailored towards issues of interest for IP leaders and partners, QI coaches, practice facilitators, and data analysts. There will be ample opportunity for discussion and networking both within an across states. Learn more

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States are Developing Improvement Partnerships

Since 2003, a growing number of states have adopted an Improvement Partnership program as part of their state’s strategy to improve the quality of care provided to children and families. VCHIP, along with other NIPN states, provides technical assistance and mentorship to states wishing to form an Improvement Partnership. Read more

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NIPN Measures

As a step towards strengthening the reporting of Improvement Partnership outcomes NIPN has established a set of standard process measures for IPs on Healthy Weight (Obesity) and Asthma. Launching a set of core measures for each topic area is important for standardizing and measuring improvement across all Improvement Partnerships, and to aid in the reporting of outcomes and impact. Adolescent Health measures will be released in 2015. Learn more

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