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Bio for Deborah Black, M.D., FRCP(C)
Deborah Black, M.D., FRCP(C)

Deborah Black, M.D., FRCP(C)

Assistant Professor
Department of Psychiatry
Department of Neurology

Contact Information
Office Location:
University of Vermont, College of Medicine, 89 Beaumont Ave., Given C 225, Burlington, Vermont 05405


1987:  MSc, Neurogenetics, McGill University Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery.  Thesis: Familial Leukoencephalopathy in Chisasibi, Nouveau Québec: Clinical, Epidemiological, and Genetic Aspects
1980-1983:  Residency in Neurology, Montreal Neurological Institute
1979-1980:  Internship in Internal Medicine, Royal Victoria Hospital, Montréal.  Elective in Neuro Ophthalmology, Montreal Neurological Institute
1979:  MDCM, McGill University. Electives in Neurology at National Hospital for Nervous Diseases, Queen Square, London and University of Dundee
1974-1976:  Université de Montréal.  Research under Drs André Barbeau and Nico van Gelder:  The role of taurine and intracellular calcium in experimental epilepsy
1973:  BA, Vassar College.  Research on effect of taurine on cobalt induced epileptic seizures in rats
1983:  Fellowship qualification in Neurology, Royal College of Physicians (Canada)

Awards and Honors

1997:  Nominated for the Prix Reconnaissance by the Association of Residents in Psychiatry Université de Montréal for your pedagogical talent: the uniqueness of your approach, your intellectual rigor, your capacity to transmit your knowledge.
1987:  Dean's List, McGill University for MSc Thesis
1976:  University Scholar, Faculty of Medicine
1973:  BA with General and Departmental Honors


Poulin S, Black DN. Neurobiology and functional neuroimaging of depersonalization, conversion, and dissociative identity disorder. Psychiatric Times. 2006;(in press)

Lefson M, Black DN. Cree encephalopathies Part 2: The hunt for the gene, a fascinating cross-cultural collaboration. Parkhurst Exchange. 2005;13:23

Black DN, Althoff RR, Daye K, Pelletier CA. Lethal obesity associated with sodium valproate in a brain-injured patient. Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology. 2005;18:98-101

Black DN. Cree encephalopathies Part I: Clusters of childhood deaths run in families. Parkhurst Exchange. 2005;13:25

Stip E, Bigras M-J, Mancini-Marië A et al. Long-term effect of prefrontal lobotomy on verbal fluency in patients with schizophrenia. Brain and Cognition. 2004;55:466-469

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