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Scanning Electron Microscopy


The JEOL 6060 scanning electron microscope is a high-performance, low cost, compact, scanning electron microscope with excellent SE and BSE resolution, used for investigations of bulk specimens. The intuitive PC interface allows the instrument to be easily operated. Standard automated features include auto focus, auto gun (Bias), auto stig, auto saturation, and automatic contrast and brightness. Images are captured in digital format, ready for computer-assisted processing and analysis.

The JEOL 6060 SEM also includes an Energy Dispersive X-ray Microanalysis System from Oxford Instruments (High Wycombe, UK).

Oxford’s INCA Energy 350 software package (Windows XP TM platform) allows users to perform element analysis of points or line scans, as well as larger area element and phase mapping with image drift correction. Both qualitative and quantitative data can be attained.

SEM slide
SEM slide
SEM slide
Papers published from the MIC

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Additional papers.

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