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Bio for Douglas Taatjes, Ph.D.
Douglas Taatjes, Ph.D.

Douglas Taatjes, Ph.D.

Professor of Pathology, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Contact Information
Office Location:
Health Science Research Facility 208


1987 University of Basel (Switzerland), Ph.D. Cell Biology
1982 Kansas State University, M.S. Anatomy & Physiology
1980 University of Lowell (Massachusetts) B.S. Biological Science

Academic Interests

Pathology and Anatomy & Neurobiology graduate level courses

Research Interests

I am currently involved in studies using multimodal imaging techniques in investigations of cardiovascular disease, environmental pathology, membrane fusion, fibroblast response to stretching, and platelet reactivity.

Academic Appointments

2002 Promoted to Professor, Department of Pathology, University of Vermont
1996 Promoted to Associate Professor, Department of Pathology, University of Vermont
1995 Secondary appointment as Assistant Professor, Vascular Biology Unit, Department of Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Vermont
1994 Appointed as Director of Cell Imaging Facility, Department of Pathology, College of Medicine, University of Vermont
1989-1994 Assistant Professor and Director of Electron Microscopy Facility, Department of Pathology, University of Vermont
1987-1989 Research Associate and Director of Electron Microscopy Facility, Department of Pathology, University of Vermont

Awards and Honors

2009 University of Massachusetts-Lowell, Distinguished Alumnus Award
1998 Elected President of New England Society for Microscopy
1989-1992 Parker B. Francis Foundation Fellowship
1989 Robert Feulgen Prize (Awarded by International Association of Histochemists)
1989 Senator Proctor Research Fund Award
1988 Vector Young Histochemist Award
1987 Ph.D. awarded magna cum laude from Biocenter, University of Basel, Switzerland
1982 Fight For Sight Student Fellowship
1981 Summer Student Fellowship, awarded by Department of Ophthalmology, Harvard Medical School
1980 Outstanding Research in Biological Sciences Award, presented by University of Lowell Biology Department
1980 Sigma Xi Undergraduate Research Award, Lowell Chapter
1980 Electron Microscopy Society of America Presidential Scholarship


2011 Taatjes, D.J., Callas, P.W., and Bovill, E.G. (2011) The endothelial microenvironment in the venous valvular sinus: Thromboresistance trends and inter-individual variation. Histochem. Cell Biol. In press.

2010 French CJ, Taatjes DJ, Sobel BE. Autophagy in myocardium of murine hearts subjected to ischemia followed by reperfusion. Histochem Cell Biol. 2010 Nov;134(5):519-26.

2010 Hillegass JM, Blumen SR, Cheng K, Macpherson MB, Alexeeva V, Lathrop SA, Beuschel SL, Steinbacher JL, Butnor KJ, Ramos-NiƱo ME, Shukla A, James TA, Weiss DJ, Taatjes DJ, Pass HI, Carbone M, Landry CC, Mossman BT. Increased efficacy of doxorubicin delivered in multifunctional microparticles for mesothelioma therapy. Int J Cancer. 2010; 129:233-44.

2010 Donaldson C, Taatjes DJ, Zile M, Palmer B, VanBuren P, Spinale F, Maughan D, Von Turkovich M, Bishop N, LeWinter MM. Combined immunoelectron microscopic and computer-assisted image analyses to detect advanced glycation end-products in human myocardium. Histochem Cell Biol. 2010 Jul;134(1):23-30.

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