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University of Vermont College of Medicine Microscopy Imaging Center General Policies

General Policies

The facility's imaging equipment is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After normal working hours, the facility is accessible through a card swipe system. Users require an iLab account to access the facility (see box at right). All equipment has a 15 minute rule which is as follows: If you are signed up to use a piece of equipment and do not show up for the first 15 minutes of your time, another user may take your time slot. If you know you cannot make your appointment, please delete your time from the online schedule or call 656-0813 to cancel and we will free up your time for another user. For those people who would like assistance using any instruments, please contact the facility personnel prior to signing up so that we can coordinate scheduling and have someone available to help you.

Usage Guidelines

The Microscopy Imaging Center is designed to facilitate investigators in their research endeavors. We will offer training and expertise for using the microscopes and workstations in the facility. Initial training is free. As a multiuser facility, we ask that all users follow these guidelines. If you have equipment questions, please ask the facility staff for assistance.

Safety Policies

Please see the bulletin board in the hallway outside of the imaging rooms for lab safety procedures. Note: As per UVM Risk Management guidelines food and drink are not allowed in the facility.

Working Alone/After Hours Policy

Due to increasing safety standards the Microscopy Imaging Center is no longer allowing tissue processing, incubations or work with chemicals to be done between the hours of 5:00 pm and 7:00 am weekdays or on weekends. The main lab and the cutting room (ultramicrotomes, paraffin microtome and cryostats) will be closed during these hours. The imaging rooms are the only ones available after hours and on weekends. We strongly encourage users doing imaging after hours to take safety precautions. Safety precautions for anyone working alone should be:

  • Always notify someone if you are working alone.
  • Keep a laboratory phone (911 for UVM police services) or cell phone on you at all times with the UVM police services number (802-656-3473).
  • Contact MIC staff.
Log Book

All pieces of facility equipment have a log book. All users need to log all computer workstation time, laser scanning time, prints made, etc. for each session. Please use either the paper log in for each instrument or adjust your time within 24hrs through the iLab Scheduler.

Hard Drives

The hard drives must remain free for optimal use. Therefore, we ask that all images be saved to an external media during collection or transferred at the end of each session and deleted from the hard drive. If you have questions about how to do this, contact a staff person to help you. The hard drive (C drive) is checked weekly and any images left on this drive are deleted without notice.

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