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Recent Publications

  • Douglas Taatjes, Ph.D., director of the Microscopy Imaging Center, recently published the book Cell Imaging Techniques: Methods and Protocols.

Microscopy Imaging Center

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University of Vermont College of Medicine Microscopy Imaging Center

Imaging in the Biomedical and Materials Sciences

The Microscopy Imaging Center (MIC) is a College of Medicine Core Facility designed as a multi-user resource for sample preparation and collection and analysis of images for biological and materials applications. Additionally, the MIC is a CAP certified laboratory performing electron microscopic clinical diagnosis. The MIC consists of multiple microscopy-based imaging systems, computers and software for image analysis. At the light and electron microscopic levels, it provides state of the art, quality assured, morphologically oriented services. The MIC is operated on a fee for service basis and provides professional consultation and assistance with equipment use, experimental design and interpretation.

Nikon STORM Super-Resolution Microscope


The instruments used in the MIC are state of the art tools that are used with the guidance from laboratory technologists for optimal results.



The MIC is staffed by experienced laboratory technologists and research professionals who can provide guidance with experimental design, tissue sectioning, sample preparation, data analysis and interpretation, and guidance.

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MicroTOME Newsletter

The microTOME Newsletter provides the most up-to-date information on the latest technical additions, new staff members, and projects happening at the MIC.

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