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Osun Kwon

Osun Kwon

Dr. Osun Kwon joined the FAHC Transplant and Nephrology teams in January 2014.  Dr. Kwon graduated from Kyung-Hee University College of Medicine in Seoul, Korea and trained at Stanford University. She has also worked at Indiana University, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, and most recently at Penn State Hershey medical Center.  She recalls, "I feel so happy when I see patients lead healthy and happy lives".  She chose to join the nephrology and transplant teams in Vermont for their strength and stability.  Dr. Kown appreciates the good natured people in Vermont and enjoys taking pictures of nature in her free time.

Contact Information
Office Location:
Nephrology, Rehab 2 UHC Campus MS 443RE2

Academic Interests

Pathogenetic mechanism of ischemic injury to the kidney. Long-term survival of kidney transplants and recipients of kidney transplant.

Research Interests

Tubular and vascular pathogenesis of ischemic acute kidney injury and repair.

Mechanism of reduction in renal solute clearance in acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease.Biomarkers of kidney injury.

Clinical Expertise

Dr. Kwon has been interested in elucidating pathophysiologic mechanism of ischemic injury to the kidney, especially in kidney transplants.  She has published noble data of tubular and vascular injury and repair, and associated derangement in physiology of the freshly transplanted kidneys.  She also published data on urinary biomarkers monitoring the current status of acute kidney injury and delayed kidney graft function due to ischemic injury.  She has been a reviewer for journals in Nephrology.  She has been a transplant nephrologist for the recent 15 years, evaluating patients with advanced stage of chronic kidney disease for kidney transplantation and taking care of recipients of kidney and/or pancreas transplant.

Academic Appointments

University of Vermont, Associate Professor of Medicine

Fletcher Allen Health Care, Department of Medicine, Division of Nephrology and Hypertension


1.  Ramesh G, Kwon O, Ahn K.  Netrin-1:  A Novel Universal Biomarker of Human Kidney Injury.  Transplantion Proceedings 42: 1519-1522, 2010.

2.  Kwon O, Ahn K, Zhang B, Lockwood T, Dhamija R, Anderson D, Saqib N.  Simultaneous Monitoring of Multiple Urinary Cytokines may Predict Renal and Patient Outcome in Ischemic AKI.  Renal Failure 32(6): 699-708, 2010.

3.  Kwon O, Miller S, Li N, Khan A, Kadry Z, Uemura T.  Bone marrow-derived endothelial progenitor cells and endothelial cells may contribute to endothelial repair in the kidney immediately after ischemic-reperfursion.  J Histochem Cytochem 58:  687-694, 2010.  First publiched on March 30, 2010.

4.  Uemura T, Liang J, Khan A, Kwon O, Ghahramani N, Wang L, Hollenbeak C, Reeves B, Kadry Z.  Outcomes of transplantation of single pediatric renal allografts equal to or more than 6 cm in length.  Transplantion 89 (6): 710-713, 2010.

5.  Kwon O, Hong S-M, Ramesh G.  Diminished NO generation by injured endothelium and loss of macula densa nNOS may contribute to sustained acute kidney injury after ischemia/reperfusion.  Am J Physiol 296: F25-F33, 2009.  First published on October 29, 2008.