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Faculty & Staff


Division Director
Name/Email Title Phone Information
Richard Solomon, M.D.
Professor (802) 847-2534
Bio; Clinical Trials
Name/Email Title Phone Information
Varun Agrawal, M.D., F.A.S.N
Assistant Professor (802) 847-2534 Bio
Katharine Cheung, MD Instructor in Medicine (802)847-2534 Bio
F. John Gennari, M.D.
Professor Emeritus (802) 847-2534 Bio; Clinical Trials
Virginia Hood, M.B.B.S., MPH, MACP
Professor (802) 847-2534 Bio; Clinical Trials
Dana Negoi, M.D.
Associate Professor (802) 847-2534 Bio
Marios Prikis, M.D. Assistant Professor/Transplant Medicine (802)-8472534 Bio
Jeffrey Rimmer, M.D.
Professor (802) 847-2534 Bio
Alan Segal, M.D. Associate Professor / Director Nephrology Fellowship Program (802) 847-2534 Bio; Clinical Trials
Wolfgang Weise, M.D. Associate Professor (802) 847-2534 Bio
Name/Email Title Phone
Sadik Sharef, M.D.. Second Year Fellow (802) 847-2534
Sree Susarla, MD Second Year Fellow (802) 847-2534
Paul El Azoury, M.D. First Year Fellow (802_847-2534
Alison Fitzgerald, M.D.
First Year Fellow (802) 847-2534
Name/Email Title Phone
Amy Sharpe Clinical Office Assistant (802-847-3572
Cassandra Landies Clinical Office Assistant (802) 847-3572
Judy Sullivan
Academic Office Coordinator/Fellowship Program Coordinator (802) 847-2534

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