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Molecular Bioinformatics Shared Resources (MBSR)

MBSR offers services related to genomic sequence and expression as well as protein function. The MBSR is located in Given Medical Research Building and staffed by Drs. Jeffrey Bond, Julie Dragon, and Ramiro Barrantes. More than 50 clients gain access to their services through their association with the University of Vermont or the Vermont Genetics Network. Services are based on R/Bioconductor, Partek Genomic Suites, TopHat and Cufflinks, and Ingenuity IPA, as well as their own software. The MBSR functions in a federation of shared resources at UVM that includes the Advanced Genome Technologies Core and the Vermont Genetics Network Bioinformatics Core. Their services support both microarray and massively parallel sequencing data analysis, and are comprehensive to the extent that they include consulting on experiment design and sample preparation, target preparation, target hybridization/scanning, library construction, quality assessment, calculation of probe set statistics, sequence reads, alignment to a reference genome, variant calls, linear modeling, multivariate analysis, workshops that aid data analysis, text describing methodology/figures for manuscripts, and deposition of data in a public database.


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