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Our faculty members share a common passion and devotion to education. We sponsor a residency program in dermatology and a fellowship in procedural dermatology. We offer an elective to medical students and residents from other disciplines designed to bolster knowledge by focusing on how to recognize, work-up, diagnose, and manage common dermatology disorders.

The University of Vermont Health Network system serves as the regional referral center for a population base of approximately 800,000 people, allowing our medical students, residents and fellows to care for patients with a wide spectrum of common medical illnesses, as well as to evaluate and manage patients with more unusual illnesses.

The Division of Dermatology at the University of Vermont College of Medicine takes pride in the training provided in our residency and procedural dermatology fellowship programs. In both programs, a vibrant clinical experience is balanced by protected study and academic time, providing an experience that meets and exceeds the residency requirements for dermatology. In 2011 the ACGME approved the residency program with a five year review cycle with no citations. The Division of Dermatology hosts residents from other institutions and international professionals for rotations in subspecialty areas of dermatology, especially surgery. In addition, the Division of Dermatology provides and ACGME-approved fellowship in Procedural Dermatology. Graduates from both programs have chosen careers in private practice and academic medicine.

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