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The Certificate of Graduate Study in Public Health requires five courses (15 credits) from five core content areas as well as one elective course (3 credits).

Five Required Courses (15 credits total)

One course is required from each of the five core competency areas:

Public Health and Health Policy
  • PH301 Public Health and Health Policy
  • PH302 Epidemiology I
  • PH303 Biostatistics I – Applied Research Methods in Public Health
Environmental Health
  • PH304 Environmental Health
Health Policy and Management
  • PH305 Policy, Organization and Financing of Health Care

One Elective Course (3 credits)

Choose one elective from these courses:

  • PH306 Social and Behavioral Foundations of Public Health
  • PH310 Public Health Law and Ethics - View Video
  • PH311 Global Public Health
  • PH312 Food Systems and Public Health
  • PH313 Social Justice in Public Health
  • PH314 Environmental Risk and Risk Communication
  • PH315 Public Health Surveillance
  • PH395 Health Finance

Note: Other courses will be added upon approval.

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