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College of Medicine

Department of Medicine

SPARK is Launched!

Stanford University's SPARK Program success as a reference, the Department of Medicine is implementing the SPARKVT Initiative to help foster highly innovative research to move promising diagnostics, devices, and therapies from the bench to the bedside. Our SPARKVT Initiative's Mission is:

  • To improve the process of moving highly innovative and promising diagnostics, (devices) and therapies from the bench to bedside
  • To develop an environment that fosters and facilitates moving innovative academician research toward commercialization by establishing a broad "industry" consultant panel
  • To expand and enhance research funding opportunities by exploring new areas involving small business (SBIR, STTR, etc)
  • To educate faculty, fellows and students on how to bring innovative ideas to clinical applications ("translational" research)

An impressive collection of leaders with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical, business, legal, and commercialization sector has been assembled to form the SPARKVT Consultant Panel. This Consultant Panel will convene in the Spring to review Department of Medicine faculty pilot project proposals that have the objective of translating technology into novel medtech, biopharma, or diagnostic products.

Our faculty and consultant panel are excited to experience the stimulating collaboration that is sure to take place as a result of this initiative, and we believe this initiative will provide the 'spark' to many rewarding relationships and opportunities.