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Policy 565.10

Committee on Advancement

Policy Statement

The purpose of the Committee on Advancement is to protect the public and the medical profession by ensuring that the academic standards of the Larner College of Medicine are upheld. It is composed of 16 members of faculty and students who review the academic progress of the medical students. The Committee reviews student performance at regular intervals and determines whether classes of students should advance among the levels of the Vermont Integrated Curriculum. It sends to the College Faculty the names of candidates to be recommended for graduation. The committee also determines the course of action for individual students who fail to show sufficient academic progress during their studies.

There are 4 student members (one from each class) that serve on the committee as full voting members. To prevent conflict of interest, student members are required to abstain from voting on advancement decisions pertaining their own class. The committee meets approximately 10 times a year. With the exception of the global graduation recommendations, the proceedings of the committee are strictly confidential and its voting members do not advise or advocate for individual students. The Associate Dean for Students is an ex officio, non-voting member of the committee who serves as the student advocate during the proceedings.

Applicability of the Policy

  • All Students

Reviewed and Approved

  • Medical Curriculum Committee, on May 20, 2014

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