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november 26, 2012 - vol. 1, issue 6

Below: Medical student Jigar Patel (second from left) participates in a Family Day tour of the Clinical Simulation Laboratory on October 20.

Family Day

Patten Receives VMS Reardon Scholarship

Vanessa Patten

Third-year University of Vermont medical student Vanessa Patten was awarded a $10,000 Dr. Mildred Reardon scholarship by the Vermont Medical Society’s Education and Research Foundation at the Society’s annual meeting, held October 27, 2012 in Woodstock, Vt.  Continue reading…

Diversity & Inclusion Initiative Launched

Diversity & Inclusion logo At UVM, diversity and inclusion are broadly defined and valued, mission-driven and connected with strategic planning and policy development, and integral to how we measure success. We believe that diversity and inclusion supports the cultural competencies that enhance clinical effectiveness, inform research and result in effective interaction across the community. A revised Statement on Diversity and Inclusion has been adopted, along with a 5-Year Strategic Plan focused on seven key areas. Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion Dr. Margaret Tandoh, with support from the Dean’s Advisory Committee on Diversity and Inclusion, will be implementing a number of programs and projects including a College-wide demographic and climate survey to benchmark our efforts. Visit Diversity and Inclusion.

Discussion with the Deans Continues

Wednesday, November 28, Deans Bill Jeffries and Christa Zehle will be hosting the 2nd “Discussion with the Deans” Open Forum, in the Sullivan Classroom from 4-5:30 pm. Please stop by to share your concerns, identify problems and suggest solutions that you may have regarding your medical education. Come if you can, no need to sign up. The December “Dining with the Deans” lunch has already been filled (the spots go quickly!) Watch for the Evite for January’s lunch on 1/18 at noon. Contact Megan Chlebeck for info.

AAMC Guide to Residency Life

Calvin Kagan and Peter Wingfield, UVM AAMC OSR Representatives, shared that the AAMC has published a guide to help plan for what life will be like in residency. Included in this report is average residency salaries, the average number of paid vacation days, the average number of allowed sick days, and the likelihood of your future program providing healthcare, among many other interesting facts. Data are categorized by residency year and region in the US. View the report.

Interest Groups Host Research Panels

The Surgery Interest Group will host the third annual Research Symposium on Wednesday, November 28, from 6-7 pm in Austin Auditorium. Find a project for the 4th year research component or 1st year summer research. Surgeons will present current research projects and discuss what roles students play. Contact Lindsay Kleeman.

The Internal Medicine Student Interest Group will host a Research Panel for students to hear from prospective research mentors on Friday, December 4 from 12-1 pm in Med Ed 300. Hear from Internal Medicine faculty interested in engaging students in research projects. Contact Medhavi Bole.

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