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August 21, 2013 - vol. 2, issue 16

The Class of 2017 participates in wilderness aid during orientation August 14. View photos and Dr. Moo video.

Class of 2017 Orientation

Global Health Updates

Taylor Goller in Uganda With the help of Dr. Majid Sadigh, M.D., infectious disease specialist and director of the Global Health Center at UVM clinical affiliate Danbury Hospital, students will continue to have an opportunity to travel to places like the Uganda. Taylor Goller and Karl Kristiansen spent a month this summer at the Uganda Cancer Institute and came back with knowledge they feel fortunate to have after only their first year in medical school. One of the first days in Uganda, they experienced how different the healthcare system really is in the United States compared to places like Uganda. Having to watch a 16 year old girl receive the news that there was nothing that could be done to help her condition was eye opening. "It makes you appreciate the things we are able to do here," Goller stated. Read more about their trip.

SAVE THE DATE! 2013 Global Health Series begins September 9, 5:30 pm

SIG Highlights: Family Medicine

Family MedicineFamily Medicine is one of the most diverse and in-demand fields in medicine. The Family Medicine Student Interest Group (PDF) was created to help promote the nature of the field and provide students with opportunities to explore the specialty and gain hands on experience. Last year the group hosted clinics for casting, suturing, injections, and vital signs. The group is led by Dr. Martha Seagrave and will host their annual picnic (PDF) on Monday, August 26 at Oakledge Park in Burlington. The picnic begins at 5:30 p.m. To RSVP and for more information, contact Kathie Beaudry.

SIG Highlights: OB/GYN

Sally Bliss, R.N., M.S.B.The American College of Obstetrics (ACOG) is hosting their first annual District I Junior Fellow Day (PDF) on Saturday, September 7th in Waltham, Massachusetts. The OB/GYN Student Interest Group is working to coordinate transportation and/or hotel packages to take interested medical students to the event for the day or as a weekend trip. Topics include Careers in Global Health and Population Growth, Contraception, and the Planet. Registration is free for medical students but space is limited. Contact Angela Doswell for more information.

Learn about all SIG Opportunities >>

SAVE THE DATE! Community Medical School begins September 10, 6 pm

Class of 2014 Class Agents

Vanessa Patten and Peter Cooch

The Medical Alumni Associate is pleased to announce that the following members of your class have been selected by you to serve as class agents for the Class of 2014: Vanessa Patten and Peter Cooch. Class Agents serve as volunteer class representatives and work to keep you connected as a class after graduation. They also work to keep you connected to the College of Medicine as alumni.

News From Our Clinical Partners: Eastern Maine Uses Wii for Therapy

Nintendo Wii for TherapyA number of hospitals around Maine are using Nintendo Wii in their physical and occupational therapy programs. Nintendo Wii allows players to use their body movement to interact with the game. A hand-held controller is used for a variety of activities, from bowling and boxing, to dancing and drawing. There's also a Wii balance board for yoga. Read more about Wii for therapy >>

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UVM College of Medicine Couple Blog: Their Life in Med School

Mannings in Med School

Will and Sarah (Waterman) Manning, members of the Class of 2017, posted this entry to their blog on May 16, 2013: "It's been a big year for the Watermannings. We got into med school (miraculously together) and in a few weeks, we will have survived the wedding planning process. By August, the Watermannings will be enrolled in medical school and starting our journey towards becoming the Drs. Manning. One of our big goals for medical school is to stay connected to our friends and families and we're hoping this blog will help. We're pretty funny, our dog is cute and we take lots of family pictures, so you'll find stories and pictures here to assure you that we aren't sleeping in the anatomy lab." View their blog >>

If you would like to share your blog or write for our up and coming blog, contact Nina Shedd or come to the info session on Monday, September 23 in HSRF 200.

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