First Warshaw award

Frymoyers Scholarship

Through the Frymoyer Scholars Program, the John W. and Nan P. Frymoyer Fund for Medical Education supports physicians and nurses who are actively engaged in teaching University of Vermont medical and nursing students who embody the best qualities of the clinician teacher. The program is an investment in outstanding medical education and promotes teaching that emphasizes the art of patent care.

14 Years of Frymoyer Scholars

Hirak Der-Torossian, M.D. MPH Curriculum Design and Creation of a free online course for Medical and Nursing Students: Writing Research Protocols Suitable for Submission to the UVM Institutional Review Board
Anne Dougherty, MD Development of a Global Women’s Health Curriculum for Medical Students and Residents

Charlotte Reback, M.D. Building Bedside Competence in Medical Students through “Active Learning”

Laurie Leclair, M.D. Simulation Training for Multidisciplinary Intensive Care Unit Teams: Active Learning to Promote Best Practice
Patricia King, M.D., Ph.D. Teaching Professionalism through Lessons from the Board of Medical Practice
Ursula A. McVeigh, M.D., Jean Coffey, PhD APRN CPNP Palliative Care Education
Marie Sandoval, M.D., Mary Val Palumbo, DNP, APRN Developing Best Practices in Communication when using the Electronic Health Record for Nurse Practitioner and Medical Students and their Preceptors

Ted James, M.D. and Celia Cohen, RN Teaching and assessing health communication skills, professionalism,and inter-professional communication through a series of simulated clinical management scenarios.

Mark Gorman, M.D. Web-based, Interactive Stroke Teaching
Paula Duncan, M.D. Shared Decision-making and Strength Based Approaches
Laura McCray, M.D. Preventing Burnout: The Development of a Medical Student and Resident Physician Wellness Curriculum
Jan Carney, M.D. and Susan Greenfield, Ph.D., RN and Hendrika Maltby, Ph.D., RN Second Life: Simulating Public Health for Medical and Nursing Students

Richard Pinckney, M.D., MPH The Art of Compassion: A Workshop Series for Medical Professionals

Robert Karp, M.D. Improving Basic Medical Student Competencies in Clinical Geriatrics
Nancy Morris, PhD., APRN and Peter Igneri, PA-C, M.M.Sc. Communication and Psycho-Motor Skills for Minor Office Procedures to Improve Access and Enhance Quality Care

Chuck Mercier, M.D. and Catherine Muskus, R.N. Communication and Team Work: The Key to Quality Health Care an Interdisciplinary Workshop Using High Fidelity Simulation
Judith Lewis, M.D. Development of Web-based Educational Material for Education in Psychiatry

Beth Kirkpatrick, M.D., Louis Polish, M.D., Hendricka Maltby, Ph.D., RN, Chris Huston, M.D. and Burt Wilcke, Ph.D. Global Health Education and Training for Health Care Professionals at the University of Vermont
William Raszka, M.D., Jill Jemison and Cate Nicholas, Ed.D. Using Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) to Improve Medical Student Patient Care Skills and Knowledge

Charles Hulse, M.D. Vermont Program on Ecology and Health
Mario Trabulsy, M.D. Innovations in an Emergency Medicine Rotation

Terry Rabinowitz, M.D. Development and Implementation of a Telepsychiatry Consultation Teaching Program
Susan Goetschius, RN Building Nursing Expertise in Geriatrics: An Acute Care Clinical Model

Virginia Hood, M.D. Studies Show: Interpreting the Results of Medical Studies for Patient
Robert Shapiro, M.D. Pharmaceutical Development and Prescriber Decision-Making

Christopher Grace, M.D. Bioterrorism Education for Physicians, Nurses and Students
James Rathmell, M.D. and Todd Maughans, M.D. Developing Electronic Case Tutorials for the Neural Sciences course

David Little, M.D. Enhanced Teaching of Musculoskeletal Concepts
William Raszka, M.D. and Ann Wittpenn, M.D. Improving Medical Student Competency: A Proposal to Return to Bedside Teaching