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Class of 2018 White Coat Ceremony
Friday, November 14, 2014
2:30pm, Ira Allen Chapel


Each year, approximately 114 outstanding scholars have the honor of joining one of the leading medical institutions in the country when they are formally welcomed as the University of Vermont’s newest class of medical students at the annual White Coat Ceremony.   The ceremony is a rite of passage for first year medical students, designed to instill the values of professionalism, humanism, and compassionate patient care.  It is the official welcome to the medical profession and to the University of Vermont family.  This year is no exception as the medical students gather at Ira Allen Chapel to receive their white coats and stand together to recite the modern Hippocratic Oath.

These students will become a part of the legacy of thousands of alumni whose contributions to medical science have resulted in advances that have expanded the boundaries of knowledge, alleviated untold suffering, and saved the lives of countless individuals.

Our new medical students gather in the presence of their families, guests, faculty members and leaders of the Medical School to formally receive the cloak of their future profession — the white coat. This event marks a milestone in the education of a medical student — entry into clinical medicine.

The White Coat Ceremony program includes greetings by medical school deans; explorations of the meaning of professionalism by an array of speakers representing the perspectives of medical school faculty, alumni, the community, patients and ethicists; and taking of an oath based upon the 1948 Declaration of Geneva.  The ceremony typically lasts for 60 minutes.  

View the Video from the Class of 2017 White Coat Ceremony

Photographs will be available on the Medical Communications Website


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