University of Vermont

College of Medicine

Medical Student Education


Instructions for the Class


    Location: Billings North Lounge
    Time: 2:00pm

Members of the Class are asked to arrive and assemble at the above location and time. There will be staff available to direct students to the line-up area.

Students will be placed in alpha order for the procession into Ira Allen Chapel. Please make sure you stay in correct order as the coats on stage have been assembled accordingly.


The Class should dress in professional/interview attire without suit coats, blazers or jackets (no jeans please).Please do not bring backpacks, handbags or other valuables as you cannot take them with you and security is not provided. Leave all of your belongings with your family.


Men – wear shirt and tie or sweater with nice pants

Women – nice pants or skirt with top, or dress

Avoid thick sweaters – Women you may want to avoid short shirts.  As you will be raising your arm to put on the white coat, you will want to avoid bare midriffs in photographs.

Whatever you choose should be comfortable and easy to manage when your coat is presented during the ceremony.

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