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Student Education Group

The Student Education Group (SEG) is comprised of students who are dedicated to and actively involved in the ongoing improvement of the medical school curriculum. Our responsibility is to act as a liaison with faculty to provide a unified student point of view, and to appropriately bring pertinent educational issues to the attention of faculty and course directors. Our foremost goal is to create an optimal environment for medical education at UVM.

Highlights November 2015 Meeting:

  • Guest Update from Dr. Rosen and student support
  • SEG project updates on LGBTQ health, Teaching Assistants, Course Evaluation, and Clerkship SEG Reps

Highlights October 2015 Meeting:

  • Dr. Huggett discussed the role of the Teaching Academy including current and future projects
  • 4th year residency Wiki is in development
  • Updates on current SEG projects

Highlights September 2015 Meeting:

  • Dr. Tracy is reevaluating student preparation time for various learning activities
  • Continued discussion of having SEG reps for clerkship
  • Clerkship Committee surveys will be reevaluated to ensure concerns are adequately addressed

Highlights August 2015 Meeting:

  • COMIS introduced a new calendar and course delivery system unique to each student's schedule
  • The Larner Classroom has been revamped with new screens and a sound system
  • Eileen Chicoski-Kelly and Lee Rosen will be involved with individual student learning needs
  • As of November all pediatrics and psych rotations in CT will be moved from Danbury to Norwalk

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