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Student Education Group

The Student Education Group (SEG) is comprised of students who are dedicated to and actively involved in the ongoing improvement of the medical school curriculum. Our responsibility is to act as a liaison with faculty to provide a unified student point of view, and to appropriately bring pertinent educational issues to the attention of faculty and course directors. Our foremost goal is to create an optimal environment for medical education at UVM.

Highlights from November 2014 Meeting:

  • November 4th, 5:30PM, HSRF 400
  • Updates from Dr. Tracy and a discussion of quiz annotations
  • A discussion of surgery rotations at Danbury
  • Updates on course evaluations, AI lottery, and communications plan
  • Adoption of new Bylaws

Highlights from October 2014 Meeting:

  • October 7th, 5:30PM, MedEd 202
  • Updates from Dana Medical Library staff
  • Updates from Dr. Everse on the merge of ICDM and CMB
  • A discussion of test taking accommodation issues
  • PHP course review
  • Bylaws update discussion

Highlights September 2014 Meeting:

  • September 9th, 5:30PM, MedEd 202
  • PCR course review
  • Presentation of new communications strategy
  • Doctoring skills update
  • Update from Clerkship committee on Danbury LEAP committee formation

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