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Student Education Group

The Student Education Group (SEG) is comprised of students who are dedicated to and actively involved in the ongoing improvement of the medical school curriculum. Our responsibility is to act as a liaison with faculty to provide a unified student point of view, and to appropriately bring pertinent educational issues to the attention of faculty and course directors. Our foremost goal is to create an optimal environment for medical education at UVM.

Highlights from March 2015 Meeting:

  • Student Advising Improvements
  • SEG Reps for Clerkship and student evaluation of clerkship sites
  • Qchat proposal to implement chat room style question and answering in lecture
  • MCC/ Clerkship/ Foundations  Committee Elections

Highlights from February 2015 Meeting

  • February 3rd 5:30PM MedEd 204
  • Student advising and expanding access to Residency application information
  • Course evaluation improvement and implementation
  • Foundations and Clerkship Committee Representative Elections
  • Step 1 Survey and second year basic sciences shelf exam results

Highlights from January 2015 Meeting

  • January 6th 5:30PM MedEd 204
  • Updates from Dr. Tracy and a discussion on COM attendance policy
  • Updates on coordination between SEG, Student Success, and Wellness to better support students for Step 1
  • Updates on proposals to expand study tools including use of Firecracker and Videocasting

Highlights December 2014 Meeting:

  • December 2nd, 5:30PM, HSRF 400
  • Updates from Laurey Burris and a discussion of Step 1 prep
  • Updates on exam accommodations
  • Discussion of Foundation’s committee reactions to SEG’s quiz annotation proposal

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