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Medical Student Education Faculty & Staff

  Name/Email Title E-mail
Profile photo of Dean Jeffries William Jeffries, Ph.D. Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education
Professor of Pharmacology
Profile photo of Dr. Tania Bertsch Tania F. Bertsch, M.D. Associate Dean for Clinical Education
Associate Professor of Medicine
Dr. Huggett Profile Photo Katie Huggett, Ph.D Assistant Dean
Director of the Teaching Academy
Professor of Medicine and Pathology
Profile photo of Dr. Tracy Paula Tracy, Ph.D. Director of Foundations and Pre-clinical Assessment
Professor of Biochemistry
Profile photo of Dr. Zehle Christa Zehle, M.D Associate Dean for Students
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Pediatric Hospitalist
Profile photo of Dr. CichoskiKelly Eileen CichoskiKelly, Ph.D. Director of Educational Instruction and Scholarship
Director of Teaching and Scholarly Requirement Course
Associate Professor of Family Medicine
Profile photo of Dr. Miller Vincent Miller, M.D. Clinical Simulation Laboratory Interim Clinical Director
Assistant Profesor of Anesthesiology
Profile photo of Cate Nicholas Cate Nicholas, Ed.D., M.S., P.A. Education Director of the Clinical Simulation Laboratory
Assistant Professor of Medical Practice and Obstetrics and Gynecology
Profile photo of Dr. Rosen Lee Rosen, Ph.D. Director of Student Support
Director of the PCR Course
Assistant Professor in Psychiatry and Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychological Science
Administrative Staff
  Name/Email Title E-mail
Christian Berry profile photo Christian Berry Curriculum Manager
Aimee Gale profile photo Aimee Gale Business Manager
Profile photo of Sheri Youngberg Sheri Youngberg Administrator
  Name/Email Title E-mail
beaulieu Lisa Beaulieu Clinical Simulation Laboratory Systems Coordinator
Bolyard_Bob Bob Bolyard Clinical Simulation Laboratory Standardized Patient Coordinator
Kari Brayden Kari Brayden Student Financial Services Coordinator
Profile photo of Randi-lynn Crowther Randi-Lynn Crowther Teaching Academy Coordinator
Profile photo of Jacqueline Drouin Jacqueline Drouin Clinical Clerkship Coordinator
Profile photo of Emma Faustner Emma Faustner Advanced Integration and Residency Placement Coordinator
Profile photo of Audree Frey Audree Frey Global Health Coordinator
  Position Vacant Front Desk Representative  
Profile photo of Kiersten Hallquist Kiersten Hallquist Student Services Coordinator
Profile photo of Trish Hartigan Trish Hartigan Clinical Simulation Laboratory Office Support
Profile photo of Alison Howe Alison Howe, M.S. Director of Evaluation and Research for the Teaching Academy
Profile photo of Aaron Hurwitz Aaron Hurwitz, M.Ed. Curriculum Specialist
Leu Profile Picture Louise Leu Foundations Level Curriculum Coordinator
Profile photo of Melissa Long Melissa Long Larner College of Medicine Registrar
McAdam_Shirley Shirley McAdam Clinical Simulation Laboratory Standardized Patient Coordinator
Tim Moynihan profile picture Timothy Moynihan, M.A. Foundations Level Curriculum Coordinator
Profile photo of Eric Zelman Eric Zelman Clinical Simulation Laboratory Scientific Equipment Technician

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