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Faculty Resources for Teaching

Faculty in the College of Medicine have a variety of ways to enhance their skills in teaching, curriculum design, and assessment.

Conferences and Meetings

Several faculty each year take advantage of COM sponsored travel grants to attend national and international education meetings. A variety of postgraduate conferences, fellowships, and society meetings are available for medical school educators to improve their teaching methods and professional leadership skills. The medical conferences and society meetings listing contains up-coming dates and links where you can find abstracts of the programs and contact persons.

Fellowship and Grant Opportunities

We encourage our faculty to explore the training and research opportunities available through the NIH, the Frymoyer Scholars and other programs. Using these resources, our medical profesional not only educate themselves, but they improve their teaching skills as well. In this way, they learn twice.

Workshops and Seminars

Formal programs are offered via online learning modules, the Mud Season Educational Breakout, and additional workshops designed for specific courses or programs. The Seminar Series provides an opportunity to hear fresh and innovative ideas from special speakers in the medical field on varied topics.

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