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Gold Humanism Honor Society

The College of Medicine established a chapter of the Gold Humanism Honor Society in 2005. The purpose of our chapter is to recognize those students who have demonstrated outstanding personal/interpersonal characteristics in their interactions with fellow students/teachers/staff and/or patients and their families. The selection of students for this honor is obtained from students within the class using a peer evaluation survey and from members of our faculty and staff.

Approximately 15% of the third -year class will be inducted. Students are inducted at a dinner during the Honors Night banquet in May. Selection of GHHS students will be announced to all students and faculty, indicated in the MSPE, and acknowledged at graduation.

As our students have been highly involved in community service activities, it is particularly likely that those selected for membership in the GHHS will embrace the idea of establishing an ongoing project that will advance the ideals of the Society in our community.


Gold Humanism Honor Society Pledge

As a member of the Gold Humanism Honor Society, I pledge to:

      • ¨Be a role model and mentor for humanism in medicine
      • ¨Champion the proper balance between scientific and humanistic patient care
      • ¨Inspire colleagues to promote humanism throughout the healthcare system
      • ¨Advocate humanistic patient care locally, regionally, and nationally
      • ¨Nurture fellowship in membership
      • ¨Help those struggling to overcome the barriers to humanism in medicine
      • ¨Be a force for improving healthcare for everyone


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