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It is with great pleasure that we announce the members of the class of 2015 selected for induction into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. These students have been recognized by the faculty and their peers for excellence in academic performance, leadership, and commitment to public service. 

Class of 2015 Student Inductees:
Liz Abernathey
Raymond Addante
Kristopher Azevedo
Kovi Bessoff
Bryan Brown
Christian Crannell
Alizon Frizell
Sarah Gardner
Charlie Hackett
Jason Hao
Ryan Hendrix
Calvin Kagan (selected with Class of 2014)
Jessica Lane
Matthew MacKinnon
James McAvoy
Nicole Meredyth
Anisha Patel
Amanda Peel
Michelle VanHorne
Hope Yu

Class of 2014 Student Inductees:
Jacob Azurdia
Emily Blasberg
Anne Coleman
Peter Cooch
John DeWitt
Albert Emery
Paige Georgiadis
Alyson Guillet
Calvin Kagan
Alison Krywanczyk
Stanislav Lazarev
Aaron Maxwell
Lauren Powlovich
Prabu Selvam
Jordan Smith
Timothy Snow
Bianca Yoo

Faculty AOA Nominee for 2014
Dr. Angela Applebee
Assistant Professor of Neurology, The University of Vermont Medical Center

Housestaff AOA Nominee for 2014
Dr. Christopher Trevino
Neurology Resident, The University of Vermont Medical Center

Volunteer Clinical Faculty for 2014
Dr. Jennie Lowell
Maitri Health Care for Women


We are certainly fortunate to have such an excellent group of students and new AOA members.  Congratulations to each of them!

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