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Spring 2013 Webmaster's Bulletin

Have you been saving your content in the correct location?

When you upload photos or documents to add to your website, be sure to add it to either the Z: or L: drive or your users will not be able to view the information, and instead receive an error. To save content in the correct drive:

  1. File > Save As
  2. Select either your Z: or L: drive
  3. Select your departmental folder
  4. Choose either the image or document folder
  5. Enter the file name
  6. Click save

Reminder: When saving photos, be sure to add the image size after the file name, i.e. deptchair100x200.jpg

Do you know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is the process that allows search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing find your website when users type keywords into search boxes. Although the 'behind the scenes' is the key element to SEO, it is also important that you are aware of your role in SEO. Keep these things in mind when updating your pages:

  1. Keep your left navigation bar simple – don’t add too many sub menus.
  2. Keep your content current, so your site contains different keywords over time.
  3. Proof read your content for spelling and grammar.  Make it easy to read. 
  4. Do not over-use photos and be sure to add alt tags for the photos you do use so search engines are able to find the photos.  Think of alt tags as the keywords users would want to use to find the photo you’re adding to your website.
  5. Keep sitemaps current, see below.

Have you been keeping your sitemap updated?

The site map is the structure of your site. It includes the page titles, description and the URL names. You are responsible for updating it as you revise your site, so that the site map and website always match. Your site map is in your folder on the L Drive here: L/groups/webcontent/yourdepartment/yourdepartment site map. Please feel free to contact me if you need help updating your site map!

Is your Department interested in an electronic newsletter?

Some people have expressed interest in sending out enewsletters.  You may have seen our Medical Student Education enewsletter or the Department of Medicine enewsletter.  We are in the process of creating templates that you will be able to download and edit using Contribute.  If your department has questions or is interested, please email me for more information!

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