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Fall 2013 Webmaster's Bulletin

Website Management Tools

The Office of Medical Communications has launched a new website that includes a page with tools for website management. Please visit our page and review the resources provided for using Adobe Contribute, editing bios in BioBuilder/People Management, and get information on creating a social media strategy.

Biobuilder Requests

You no longer have to submit footprints to COMIS to gain access to faculty in Biobuilder. Simply send an email to me and copy the head of your department or center with the subject line "Biobuilder Access Request". Please also include all names of the individuals you need access to edit.

New Webmasters & Contribute Licensing

Please let me know if your department, center, or program changes webmasters and who will be given access to the Contribute license.
If your new webmaster is using the machine Contribute is currently installed on, I will just need to know the name of the new webmaster.

If Contribute needs to be installed on a different computer, you will need to:

  • Notify me of your new webmaster
  • Submit a footprint to COMIS that the license needs to be moved from (NetID and computer tag #) to (NetID and computer tag #)
  • Update your webmaster contact information on the 'Contact' page of your website


The Office of Medical Communications updates the College of Medicine homepage on a regular basis regarding news at the College. Be mindful of news that involves students and faculty from your department, center, or program. It is a nice addition to your homepage if you add recent news for your visitors to read. Read some of our recent headlines >>

Contribute Training

As time goes on and webmaster duties shift, the formal training of the new webmaster will need to be provided by someone within the department, center, or program who is already familiar with the Adobe Contribute program. Informal meetings will be held on a regular monthly basis for current and/or new webmasters to attend as a way to learn new tips and tricks or ask questions specific to editing websites using Adobe Contribute. Specific days and times for these meetings are TBD and will be held in the Medical Education Center. An Outlook meeting planner will be sent around as the meetings are scheduled.

Responsive Web Design

As you may have noticed, websites that visit often are changing. Some changes are more noticeable than others. The websites you have seen changing are doing so to enable their users to view their websites on devices of all sizes – desktop computers and laptops, to notebooks, tablets, and mobile phones. This web change is called Responsive Web Design or RWD.

UVM started implementing this change earlier this year, and the College of Medicine has now started to convert websites as well. We are working hard on launching your new RWD site, although it will take some time. We will notify you when we are beginning work on your site and when we have completed it. This process may entail us to request information from some departments, but not all. Please consider taking this time to go through and review your site for any content changes that may be needed.

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