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Website Management

Web ManagementThe Office of Medical Communications has responsibility for managing the HOME and top tier pages for the College of Medicine, and also develops the websites and trains webmasters for departments, centers, and programs of the College.

If your group is interested in developing a new website, please contact us to talk about your plans. Each site is constructed using a template system and Adobe Contribute. We will train your webmaster to maintain and update your site, as well as provide ongoing support.

Website Migration to Sitefinity

Phase 1 of the migration to Sitefinity is complete. Webmasters will be emailed one week prior to their website being migrated, and will be notified upon completion. Once websites have been migrated to the new platform, webmasters will receive an email with a list of training dates available. After webmasters are trained, websites will be launched according to Medical Communications receiving approval from the webmaster to launch.

If you have not received notification of your site being in the migration phase, continue editing your website using Contribute. If you have been trained or your site has been launched, please use these docuemnts as a guide to help you use Sitefinity.

If your site has been launched and you are in need of help troubleshooting in Sitefinity, please submit a footprint to COMTS and someone from the web team will assist you.

Adobe Contribute Connection

Contribute is the application we use for creating and maintaining websites. Medical Communications provides training and support for webmasters, and troubleshooting if there are technical problems. Contact us or view one of the mini-manuals below.

Using Adobe Contribute


BioBuilder is a web-based application connected with UVM People Management, used for creating and editing UVM Web Template bios for department and division websites.

Having trouble logging in or seeing your changes? You may need to change your browser to compatibility mode before using BioBuilder. Here's how >>

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