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Grunberg Featured in Healthy Body Healthy Mind Documentary on Cancer

Steven Grunberg
UVM Professor of Medicine and Fletcher Allen Oncologist Steven Grunberg, M.D. (Photo by Ed Neuert)

A Healthy Body Healthy Mind documentary, titled "Surviving Cancer and Cancer Toxicity," featuring comments by Steven Grunberg, M.D., University of Vermont professor of medicine and Fletcher Allen oncologist, has recently begun airing on PBS stations across the country. Produced by ITV, a leading producer of health and wellness documentary-style programs that develops content for broadcast/cable networks, the program focuses on cancer treatments and their effects on patients. Grunberg is a leading expert on research into the effectiveness of anti-nausea medication for chemotherapy recipients.

ITV describes the program as follows: "Cancer—the word itself is enough to stir fear in many people. But some fear the treatments for cancer almost as much as the disease. While chemotherapy is perceived by many as a necessary evil—there is strong evidence that it can help to shrink tumors and in some cases cure cancer. The treatments work but these therapies can cause severe side effects known as cancer toxicity. But as viewers will see in this program there are supportive therapies that can make cancer toxicity much more tolerable today. We’ll also find out why chemotherapy causes some of its most well-known side effects; like nausea, vomiting, cognitive issues and fatigue. Plus we’ll hear about what patients can do to manage these side effects and stay with the treatments that may ultimately save their lives."

Find out where the "Surviving Cancer and Cancer Toxicity" program will be airing (episode HBHM 2702).