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Lieberman G, Shpaner M, Watts R, Andrews T, Filippi CG, Davis M, Naylor MR (2014). White Matter Involvement In Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain. Journal of Pain 15 (11): 1110-1119.

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Shpaner M, Kelly C, Lieberman G, Perelman H, Davis M, Keefe FJ, Naylor MR (2014). Unlearning Chronic Pain: a Randomized Controlled Trial to Investigate Changes in Intrinsic Brain Connectivity Following Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. NeuroImage: Clinical 5: 365-376.

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Harder VS, Ayer LA, Rose GL, Naylor MR, Helzer JE (2014). Alcohol, Moods and Male-Female Differences: Daily Interactive Voice Response over 6 Months. Alcohol Alcohol 49 (1): 60-5.

Seminowicz DA, Shpaner M, Keaser ML, Krauthamer GM, Mantegna J, Dumas JA, Newhouse PA, Filippi C, Keefe FJ, Naylor MR (2013) Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Increases Prefrontal Cortex Gray Matter in Patients with Chronic Pain. Journal of Pain 14 (12): 1573-84.

Lomond KV, Henry SM, Jacobs JV, Hitt JR, Horak FB, Cohen RG, Schwartz D, Dumas JA, Naylor MR, Watts R, DeSarno MJ (2013). Protocol to assess the neurophysiology associated with multi-segmented postural coodination. Physiol Meas 34 (10): N97-105.

Dumas JA, Kutz AM, McDonald BC, Naylor MR, Pfaff AC, Saykin AJ, Newhouse PA (2013). Increased working memory-related brain activity in middle aged women with cognitive complaints. Neurobiol Aging 34 (4): 1145-7

Dumas JA, Albert KM, Naylor MR, Sites CK, Benkelfat C, Newhouse PA (2012). The effects of age and estrogen on stress responsivity in older women. Am J Geriatr Psychiatry 20 (9): 734-43.

Rose GL, Skelly JM, Badger GJ, Naylor MR, Helzer JE (2012). Interactive voice response for relapse prevention following cogntiive-behavioral therapy for alcohol use disorders: a pilot study. Psychol Serv 9 (2): 174-84.

Dumas JA, Kutz AM, Naylor MR, Johnson JV, Newhouse PA (2012). Estradiol treatment altered anticholinergic-related brain activation during working memory in postmenopausal women. Neuroimage 60 (2): 1394-403.

Lieberman G and Naylor MR (2012). Interactive Voice Response Technology for Symptom Monitoring and as an Adjunct to the Treatment of Chronic Pain. Translational Behavioral Medicine 2 (1): 93-101.
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Naylor MR, Krauthamer GM, Naud S, Keefe FJ, Helzer JE (2011). Predictive relationships between chronic pain and negative emotions: a 4-month daily process study using Therapeutic Interactive Voice Response (TIVR). Compr Psychiatry 52 (6): 731-6

Naylor MR, Naud S, Keefe FJ, Helzer JE (2010). Therapeutic Interactive Voice Response (TIVR) to reduce analgesic medication use for chronic pain management. J Pain 11 (12): 1410-9.

Naylor MR, Keefe FJ, Brigidi B, Naud S, Helzer JE. (2008.) Therapeutic Interactive Voice Response for chronic pain reduction and relapse prevention. Pain 134(3):335-45.
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Naylor MR, Helzer JE, Naud S, Keefe FJ. (2002.) Automated telephone as an adjunct for the treatment of chronic pain: a pilot study. J Pain. 3(6):429-38.
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