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Recent Publications

Shpaner M, Kelly C, Lieberman G, Perelman H, Davis M, Keefe FJ, Naylor MR (2014). Unlearning Chronic Pain: a Randomized Controlled Trial to Investigate Changes in Intrinsic Brain Connectivity following Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Neuroimage: Clinical (5): 365-376.

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Lieberman G, Shpaner M, Watts R, Andrews T, Filippi CG, Davis M, Naylor MR (2014). White Matter Involvement In Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain. Journal of Pain 15 (11): 1110-1119.

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MindBody Medicine Clinic

Mind Body Medicine Clinic

Participate in a New Research Study!


Do You Suffer from Chronic Pain? We are recruiting patients with chronic muscular skeletal pain of twelve months or longer, as well as healthy controls, who are aged 18 to 75. Some exclusions may apply based on medical history. If you would like to find out if you are eligible for this study, please call our Research Manager at 802-847-8241. The study involves:

  • Group therapy or chronic pain education, free of charge
  • Post-group relapse prevention program on the telephone
  • Brain imaging before and after treatment
  • Financial compensation for your time


The MindBody Medicine Research Lab is currently working on research protocols utilizing functional MRI which serves to capture pictures of the brain while participants are actively engaged in emotional, cognitive, and pain-related tasks. Our current research study: "Can Therapy Alter CNS Processing of Chronic Pain - A Longitudinal Study?" is sponsored by the National Institute of Health (NIH).

Clinical Service

The MindBody Medicine Clinic Management of Chronic Pain Program accepts patients with a spectrum of chronic pain types such as arthritis, joint pain, back and neck pain, headaches, neuropathic pain, pelvic pain and fibromyalgia. You may call our clinic at 802-847-2673 to schedule an initial evaluation or ask your physician to make a referral.


The MindBody Medicine Clinic offers educational opportunities for the residents in psychiatry, medical students, and graduate students in neuroscience and counseling.

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