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Emergency Medicine Research Associate Program

physician with student
  • UVM students perform research designed to improve delivery of high-quality academic health care
  • Introduces pre-health students to the Emergency Department of our Level 1 Trauma Center
  • Students provide infrastructure to support both clinical research and quality improvement projects


The Emergency Medicine Research Associate Program (EMRAP) is designed to introduce UVM students to the practice of clinical research while at the same time providing an infrastructure to support ongoing research studies at the University of Vermont (UVM) and The University of Vermont Medical Center.

Students receive training for EMRAP by taking a 3-credit University course (SURG 200). This course is designed for pre-health students interested in learning clinical research skills. Students who complete the first semester of the class may continue in the program as volunteers, or by enrolling in subsequent courses (SURG 201 and 220). The courses teach students the foundations of human subjects research. Students are trained to serve as Research Associates (RAs) in the ED, where they screen and enroll emergency department patients for ongoing clinical research and quality improvement projects under the supervision of The University of Vermont Medical Center emergency physicians. All of the research projects are aimed at improving patient outcomes. As such, RAs participate daily in the innovation of emergency medical practice.

The program stresses ethics, responsibility, and professionalism. It provides a valuable resource for screening, enrollment, and prospective data collection within the ED, and creates a bridge between UVM medical faculty and students interested in clinical research. It provides an opportunity for faculty to participate in both research and education, while creating a highly structured, supervised clinical experience for pre-health and graduate students that has few equivalents at the University.





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