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Bio for Martha Seagrave, PA-C
Martha Seagrave, PA-C

Martha Seagrave, PA-C

Associate Professor
Director of Medical Student Education Programs
Department of Family Medicine

Contact Information
Office Location:
Ctr for Hlth & Wellbeing, Degoesbriand


1987              Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of Vermont
1980-1986   Physician Assistant Apprenticeship, University Health Center, Burlington,      Vermont
1980              Bachelor of Science in Health Education, University of Vermont

Academic Interests

Medical Student Education, Student Advising, Web-Based Education

Research Interests

Family Medicine, Prevention

Academic Appointments

2013-present     Associate Professor, Family Medicine
2006-present     Director of Medical School Education Programs
2000-present     Associate Clerkship Director

Prior Academic Appointments
2011-2013    Assistant Professor, Family Medicine
1997-2001    Research Associate
1990-1997    Clinical Instructor 

Research Grants

2011-2016   Principal Investigator, Bureau of Health Professions, Grant for Predoctoral Training In 
                       Family Medicine, HRSA-11-155, “Team-Oriented, Patient-centered Medical Education 
                       (TOPMEd)”, 10/2011-9/2016, $950,000.  Funded.

2011-2012   Co-investigator, iInTime, MedU Project Grant, “fmCASES Preceptor Needs
                       Assessment”, $43,000.

2009-2012   Co-investigator, Health Resources and Services Administration
                       (HRSA), Student/Resident Experiences And Rotations in Community Health  
                       (SEARCH) Program, “VT SEARCH Program, $500,000.

2004-2007   Co-investigator, Bureau of Health Professions, Grant for Predoctoral Training In Family
                       Medicine, PHS D56 HP00115-04, “Fostering Opportunities in Community-Based
                       Underserved Settings”, 7/1/04-6/30/07, $356,000.

2001-2004   Co-investigator, Bureau of Health Professions, Grant for Predoctoral Training in Family 
                       Medicine #1 D16 HP00115-01, “Intimate Partner Violence”, 7/1/01-6/30/04, $301,000.

1997-2000   Faculty, Bureau of Health Professions, Grant for Predoctoral Training in Family    
                       Medicine #1D05 PE 80106-02, “Web-based Curriculum” 7/1/97-6/30/00, $340,200.

Awards and Honors

2012    Model Proposal in the Symposium Category, “The Reality of Virtual Patient Cases: Four  
              Family Medicine clerkships' experiences integrating FmCASES”, Society of Teachers  of 
              Family Medicine.
2012    Nominated for Silver Stethoscope "Inspirational Cameo of the Year" Award, University  of
              Vermont College of Medicine Class of 2014.
2010    Faculty Gold Star Award, Department of Family Medicine, University of Vermont College  of 
1998     Excellence in Research Award, “Web-Based Curriculum”, University of Vermont
1997     Appointed member of Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society 1986    Sara Ann Grief Award for  
               Community Service, University of Vermont School of Nursing
1986     Sara Ann Grief Award for Community Service, University of Vermont School of Nursing


2013   Houser, M.M., Rosen, L., Seagrave, M.P., Grabowski, D., Matthew, J.D., Craig, W.A.P.
           “Exercise Heart Rate Monitors for Anxiety Treatment in a Rural Primary Care Setting: A Pilot
             Study”, Fam Med 2013;45(9):615-21.

2010   Wilkinson, J, Seagrave, M.P. “28 year-old female with abdominal pain - Ms. Bell “– IPV case. 

2008   Attarian,H., Seagrave, M.P. "Neurological Problems in Nutritional Deficiency Syndromes:  
             Protein Energy Malnutrition” The Interface of Neurology and Internal Medicine (Jose Biller),
             Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Philadelphia, PA

1997   Soons, K.R., Lynch, T.J., Seagrave, M. and Rolley, L. Determining Physicians' Knowledge
             Base and Attitudes When Prescribing Drugs to Treat Gastrointestinal Disorders. Clinical
             Performance and Quality Healthcare 5(2): 94-98.

1994   Lynch, TJ, Soons, KR, Seagrave M, Hochheiser, L.  “A Physician Educational Outreach
             Program to Improve Prescribing of Drugs to Treat Gastrointestinal Disorders—Phase I”. The
             State of Vermont Department of Social Welfare, Medicaid Division.