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Bio for Cate Nicholas, Ed.D.,M.S.,P.A.
Cate Nicholas, Ed.D.,M.S.,P.A.

Cate Nicholas, Ed.D.,M.S.,P.A.

Director of Education and Operations
Clinical Simulation Laboratory
Director of the Standardized Patient Program
Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine

Contact Information
Office Location:
Clinical Simulation Laboratory, 237 Rowell Hall, 106 Carrigan Drive, Burlington, VT 05405


2011             SSH Society for Simulation in Health Care Accreditation Training SSH Reviewer 
2011             Graduate Course in Medical Simulation, Institute for Medical Simulation,   
                     Cambridge, Mass
2010             Comprehensive Instructor Workshop, Institute for Medical Simulation,  
                     Cambridge, Mass 
1999-2006    Ed D, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies University of Vermont, 
                     Burlington, VT   
1997-1998    AAMC, Fellowship in Medical Education
1978-1981    PA, Board of Medical Practice Approved Apprenticeship Training Program in  
                     Women’s Health, Vermont Women’s Health Center, Burlington, VT
1976-1981    MS, MT, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT     
1969-1973    BS, MT ASCP University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT

Academic Interests

Director, Medical Services and Education, The Vermont Women’s Health Center, 1981-2000
Burlington, VT

Research Interests

Study Coordinator/Co-investigator/Primary Investigator:
• Prentif Cavity Rim Cervical Cap Study:  Study monitor and co-investigator for cervical cap study.
    One of 10 study sites in the country.
• FHI/CONRAD:  FemCap Contraceptive Research Study:  Study monitor and co-investigator for a
    newly designed barrier contraceptive method.  One of 10 study sites in the country.
• University of Rochester Mefipristone/Misoprostol Study:  Co-investigator for RU-486 clone for
    medical abortion using low dose Mefipristone.  One of six study sites in the country.
• NIH/FIH Efficacy Trial of Spermicidal Agents:  Principal investigator for study of spermicides. One
    of 12 study sites in the country.


1985-2012    Colposcopist, Planned Parenthood of Northern England, Burlington, VT  
1990-1993    Colposcopist, University Associates in OB-GYN, Burlington, VT

Academic Appointments

2011-present       Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine & OB-GYN, FAHC
2009-present       Director of Clinical Skills Education, COM
2009-present       Director of Simulation Education, Clinical Skills Laboratory, FAHC/UVM
                             Clinical Skills Laboratory
1987-present       Director of the Standardized Patient Program, COM

Prior Academic Appointments
2006-2011            Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Family Medicine & OB-GYN, FAHC
1996-2006            Clinical Instructor, Department of Family Medicine & OB-GYN, FAHC

Research Grants

2008-2010   HRSA Award # 1 C76HF 11041-01-00 Grant No. C76HG 11041. $1,000,000
                    Health Care and other Facilities- Simulation Center Michael Ricci, MD PI 
                    FAHC 111 Colchester Ave Burlington, VT  05401, 2008-2010.

Awards and Honors

2013             UVM College of Medicine Dignity in Medicine Award
2011             ASPE Outstanding Standardized Patient Educator of the Year Award
2001             Burlington Professional Women Woman of Achievement
1995             Susan B. Anthony Award
1973             Cum Laude Graduate
1969-1973    Dana Scholar


2014      A multitiered strategy of simulation training, kit consolidation, and electronic documentation
              is associated with a reduction in central line associated blood stream infections. American
              Journal of Infection Control 42:643-8.
              Gillman Allen, Vincent Miller, Cate Nicholas, Sally Hess, Mari Cordes, John Fortune, Joan
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2012      Evaluation of Simulation Based Training Model on Vascular Anastomotic Skills for Surgical
              Residents. Sim Healthcare. 7:334-338,2012.
              Vaia Y. Sigounas, Peter W Callas, Cate F Nicholas, Julie Adams,Daniel J Bertges, Andrew  C
              Stanley, Geroge Steinthorsson , and Michael A Ricci.
2004      Participant characteristics associated with withdrawal from a large randomized trial of
              spermicide effectiveness. BMC Med Res Methodol. 2004 Oct 1;4:23.
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2001      Endocervical Sampling: A Comparison of Endocervical Brush, Endocervical Curette, and
              Combined Brush with Curette Techniques. Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease,
              Volume 5 Page 1  - January 2001.
              Cheryl A. Gibson, MD; Carol E. Trask, MD; Patricia House, MPH, PhD; Susan F. Smith,
              MD; Marion Foley, FNP; Cate Nicholas, MS, PA.
1999      Principles Of Abortion Care: A Curriculum For Physician Assistants And Advanced  Practice
              Nurses Edited by Michael S. Policar, MD, MPH; Amy E. Pollack, MD, MPH; Cate  Nicholas,
              MS, PA; & Susan Dudley, PhD. (1999) Includes 11 modules on all aspects  abortion care in
              outline form that is appropriate for didactic and/or clinical training.
1999      A Clinician's Guide To Medical And Surgical Abortion.  Lead author, Chapter 19  “Ensuring
              Quality Care in Abortion Services” Edited by Drs. Maureen Paul, E. Steve  Lichtenberg, Lynn
              Borgatta, David Grimes, Phillip Stubblefield. This comprehensive,  authoritative text covers
              all aspects of abortion care ranging from patient preparation  and informed consent, to medical
              and surgical abortion techniques to aftercare.