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Opportunities in Global Health

Medical students in Bangladesh Family Medicine prepares physicians with the focus and breadth of experience directly applicable to global health. Global health is not an easy topic to define; recent papers have in fact devoted themselves to its definition, and how it is different from International Health or Tropical Medicine.

For our purposes, a basic foundation in Global Health should include principles of social determinants of health and care of the underserved. Note that these principles do not apply simply to those practicing in developing countries, but equally to settings in the US as well. From this foundational discussion, we can then proceed to discuss the particulars of diseases affecting those of the developing world, and of the ways in which our medical students, residents, and faculty may educate themselves and others in global health.

Further Study

Students with a strong interest in this discipline are encouraged to apply for a Master’s degree in public health with an emphasis on global health. We have an outstanding track record of advising and mentoring students in this regard, and previous UVM medical students have successfully received their MPH degrees (while completing their UVM MD degree) from Johns Hopkins University and Harvard University.

We welcome your interest in this important topic! For more information, please contact:
Omar Khan, MD, MHS, FAAFP,

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