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Grants Awarded

Calkins, Whitney, MD

  • MyAction Plan: Mapping the Path toward Patient Engagement with an Evidence-Based Tool, 2013.

Cichoskikelly, Eileen, PhD

  • University of Vermont College of Medicine Office of Admissions: Assessment and Advancement of Humanism in Medical School Admissions and Beyond. Arnold P. Gold Foundation Grant. 07/01/09 – 06/30/2011.

Flynn, Brian, ScD

  • Special Research Grant for Child Obesity and Nutrition. Co-investigator with J Harvey-Berino as PI. Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 9/03-9/11.
  • Seasonal Impacts on Bicycle Transportation. Principal Investigator. UVM Transportation Research Center/USDOT, 07/01/07 – 06/30/11.
  • “Simple Visual Natural Frequency-Based Shared Decision-Making Aids for Patient and Physician in the Pre-diabetes Office Visit.” Brian Flynn, Sc.D., John G. King, MD, MPH. American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation (AAFP/F) and the Research Committee (RC)Joint Grant Awards Program (JGAP).

Geller, Berta, EdD

  • Improving Breast Cancer Outcomes for Older Women Through Effective Use of Screening Mammography. Co-investigator with Pamela Vacek as principal investigator. We will study the relationship of co-morbidity, treatment and mortality to screening benefit using Medicare and VBCSS data. Susan Komen Foundation. September 2009- September 2011.
  • Accuracy of Breast Pathology and the Impact of Technology & Double Reading. Co-investigator working with principal investigators, Drs. Donald Weaver (UVM) and Joann Elmore (University of Washington). We will evaluate the extent of variability, its sources and its impact on women undergoing breast biopsy and also evaluate possible techniques to improve accuracy, such as digital transmission of slide images and double reading. National Cancer Institute, 09-14.
  • Comparative Effectiveness of Breast Imaging Strategies in Community Practice. Co-principal investigator. The overall goal of this project is to conduct comparative effectiveness research on breast cancer imaging modalities and strategies to inform evidence gaps on how to optimize breast cancer screening in community practice. ARRA Grand Opportunity grant, National Cancer Institute, 09-11.

Rachel Humphrey, MD

  • Improving Adolescent Health Care: Health Improvement Directed Activities For Medicaid-Eligible Children/Youth: Elevate awareness of practicing family physicians, family medicine residents, and medical students about adolescent suicide; better equip family physicians to manage adolescents at risk; and educate family physicians about resources that are available. Grant through Vermont Child Health Improvement Program (VCHIP).

Alicia Jacobs, MD

  • After School Velocity program grant from Fletcher Allen Health Care Community Benefits Funds. Study an after school activity program for non-athletic middle school boys.
  • After School Mindfulness grant from Fletcher Allen Health Care Community Benefits Funds. To develop an after school mindfulness program for school age children.
  • Community Supported Agriculture grant from TD Bank. Quality study of how a CSA share affects biometrics and sense of wellness.
  • VCHIP grant for asthma research.
  • Asthma SmartForm Research project.

Clara Keegan, MD

  • UVM Dept. of Family Medicine VCHIP Grant (2012-2013) Effort focused on provider education regarding communication with adolescents
  • Program Coordinator and Medical Consultant, Reach Out and Read
    • South Burlington Family Practice, South Burlington, VT (2012-present)
    • Blackwell Family Medicine, Westford, MA (2009-2011)

Kessler, Rodger, PhD

  • RE-AIMing Health Care Training: Team Training in Evidence Based Behavioral Interventions - Vermont SBIRT. This grant is to design, implement, disseminate and evaluate a team based training model to deliver evidence supported behavioral interventions.
  • A Toolkit to Implement Behavioral Health in Primary Care. This grant is to systematize a quality improvement implementation of behavioral health in primary care.
  • AHRQ R-24 CoNNECT. Co-investigator with B Miller PI. This grant is to conduct a multisite comparative effecitveness study to evaluate the effectiveness of integrating behavioral health into primary care sites.
  • PCMHC. Survey of Mental Health in NCQA Patient Centered Medical Homes, this project will establish a national baseline of current mental health activities in NCQA certified practices. Kessler Rodger PI.
  • DVHA. Research into the mental health and substance abuse workforce. This project investigates current status and future needs for mental health professionals in Vermont to practice in Primary Care Practices. Kessler Rodger PI.

King, John, MD, MPH

  • Improving Child and Adolescent Health Care: Operationalizing and Disseminating Health Improvement for Medicaid-Eligible Children.
  • Improving Adolescent Health Care. Funding Source Vermont Children's Health Improvement Program.
  • Residency Training in Primary Care. Additional Investigators: Monica Romanko, MD; Michael Sirois, MD; David Little, MD. Family Medicine Residency Training in High Quality, Accessible Rural Primary Care Health: HRSA Primary Care Residency Training Grant. Funded by: Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) (Year July 2007-June 2011).
  • “Simple Visual Natural Frequency-Based Shared Decision-Making Aids for Patient and Physician in the Pre-diabetes Office Visit.” John G. King, MD, MPH, Brian Flynn, Sc.D. American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation (AAFP/F) and the Research Committee (RC)Joint Grant Awards Program (JGAP).

McVeigh, Ursula, MD

  • VM COM Dean’s Palliative Care Collaborative: collaborative fund raising secured $200,000 towards development of an APRN Palliative Care Fellowship, Acted as chair of collaborative and lead on fellowship development.
  • The University of Vermont Frymoyer Scholars Program. Grant funding to develop, deliver and assess a palliative care communications curriculum for community practitioners. Co-Principal Investigator.
  • Education Grant: Milbank Foundation for Rehabilitation. Grant funding to develop and deliver of palliative care communications curriculum in University of Vermont College of Medicine Post-Graduate Training Programs. Private foundation.
  • Northeast Telehealth Resource Center Grant. Telemedicine palliative care consultation program and advisor to regional hospital telemedicine program development and implementation. $5,000, participant. UVM clinical leader on Project, PI Terry Rabinowitz, MD.

Seagrave, Martha, PA-C

  • Principal Investigator, Bureau of Health Professions, Grant for Predoctoral Training In Family Medicine, HRSA-11-155, “Team-Oriented, Patient-centered Medical Education (TOPMEd)”, 10/2011-9/2016, $950,000. Funded.
  • Co-investigator, iInTime, MedU Project Grant, “fmCASES Preceptor Needs Assessment”, $43,000.
  • Student/Resident Experiences and Rotations in Community Health (SEARCH) Program, “VT SEARCH Program”, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), 9/2009-8/2012, co-investigator.

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