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Partnerships & Affiliations

The College of Medicine has partnered with the University of Vermont to create a number of programs aimed at ensuring that the pool of future applicants to medical school is open to all qualified students.

Premedical Enhancement Program (PEP)

A select group of highly qualified first year UVM premedical students are offered the opportunity to apply for admission to the Premedical Enhancement Program [PEP]. Students are assigned to a practicing physician-mentor who introduces the concepts of patient care and practice management through regularly scheduled office-based experiences. Students also have the opportunity to participate in special educational offerings at the College of Medicine and the Academic Medical Center.Students who successfully complete the PEP requirements during their ensuing undergraduate years, and meet the MCAT expectations of the College of Medicine, can apply to the UVM College of Medicine in their junior year. Learn more.

UVM College of Medicine Guaranteed Interview

All UVM undergraduates who meet certain eligibility criteria and apply are guaranteed an interview at the College of Medicine.

The UVM Urban Partnership Program

The UVM Urban Partnership Program, which was designed to expand the options for students at Christopher Columbus High School in the Bronx, New York City's most multiethnic and least affluent borough and to increase the diversity of the student body at UVM.

UVM Post Bac Pre Medical Program

UVM's Post Bac Pre med Program is open to anyone who has completed a bachelor's degree with a strong academic record, but lacks the core science courses needed for admission to medical school. Learn more.

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