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The analysis of "Big Data" is an emerging strength at the University of Vermont, and a field in which the institution has already begun to blaze new pathways. Complex systems research draws upon sophisticated mathematical modeling techniques to analyze real-world challenges, from developing next-generation information technology for a national smart grid to mapping the global influence of social media. UVM has an outstanding cadre of nationally- and internationally-recognized faculty who have published successfully in their disciplines and have attracted significant funding and partnerships to the University. The Vermont Complex Systems Center, one of the transdisciplinary research initiatives at UVM, facilitates collaboration and innovation across disciplines by engaging faculty in many areas, including the environment, health, materials science, the arts, psychology, biosciences, and multi-scale modeling. UVM is distinguishing itself as a place where scholars take an intellectually rigorous approach to systems thinking in tackling a variety of scientific and real-world problems across the natural, physical, and social domains.


For Robust Robots, Let Them Be Babies First

Joshua Bongard, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Computer Science

Want to build a really tough robot? Forget about Terminator. Instead, watch a tadpole turn into a frog.


From Bacteria to Biofuels: Understanding Cellular Survival

Mary Dunlop, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Mary Dunlop, Ph.D., is looking into how organisms respond to changing environments, and in doing so, she's crossing disciplines, using synthetic and systems biology to research natural and manufactured cellular processes.


The Dow Jones of Happiness

Peter Dodds, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics & Statistics and Director of The Complex Systems Center; Christopher Danforth, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics &Statistics

Want to measure how financial markets are faring? Check Dow Jones or the S&P 500. Want to measure how happy the world was yesterday? Checkā€¦ wait a minute.


Leading the Charge for Smarter Electric Vehicle Management

Paul Hines, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Computer Science; Jeff Frolik, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Engineering

Growth in plug-in electric car sales is good news for the environment in terms of oil consumption and air pollution. But this growing fleet will put new strain on the nation's aging electrical distribution systems...


4 Questions: The Lake Champlain Watershed

Judith Van Houten, Ph.D., University Distinguished Professor of Biology and Director of The Vermont Genetics Network

As Vermont's climate becomes warmer, wetter and more volatile, the need for research-based predictive tools to inform policy and land-use decisions in the state has never been greater.


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