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The University of Vermont's Business Engagement Portal is part of a statewide innovation network being developed to actively connect small business, corporate, and industry interests to highest-value entrepreneurial resources, R&D expertise, venture capital, and technical resources throughout Vermont.

Ensuring UVM is "open for business," the UVM Business Engagement Portal highlights valuable resources at the University of Vermont that help support entrepreneurial and commercial success. These include access to UVM world-class faculty expertise, diverse student talent, on-campus and on-line professional programs, and state-of-the-art labs and facilities. They also include license opportunities for UVM innovations, connections to federal seed funding for small business R&D, and guidance for strategic and impactful philanthropic investment in UVM's future.

Explore UVM's Business Engagement Portal and advance your business in Vermont:

  • Recruitment of Student & Workforce Talent
  • Research , Consulting, & Technical Services
  • Licensing Opportunities and Resources for Entrepreneurs
  • Opportunities for Professional and Workforce Development

Contact us: UVM Office of the Vice President for Research via email or call 802-656-2918.

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