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Obesity and Metabolism: An Emerging Frontier in Lung Health and Disease

October 5-7, 2015

University of Vermont, Davis Center, Silver Maple Ballroom



The United States and the developed world are in the midst of an unprecedented epidemic of obesity. This is leading to major changes in the nature of common diseases. For example, obesity has recently been identified as a major risk factor for the development of asthma; approximately 250,000 new cases of asthma per year in the United States are attributable to obesity. Obesity is associated with profound changes in pulmonary physiology in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, the development of pulmonary hypertension and alterations in innate and adaptive immunity. Obesity is leading to dramatic changes in lung health and disease.

To address this emerging epidemic, we are convening a meeting on obesity and lung disease. The purpose of this symposium is to bring experts in the emerging field of obesity and lung disease together with researchers in obesity, nutrition, food science and other related disciplines focused on human health, to develop collaborations, foster research initiatives, guide clinical care and extend knowledge related to impacts of obesity

The format of the meeting will include focused presentations by leaders in the field of obesity and metabolism, and obesity and lung disease, followed by discussions and poster sessions to include both senior and junior investigators. After the meeting we will produce a report of the meeting for publication. The purpose of this meeting will be to review the current state of knowledge pertaining to the effects of obesity on lung disease, with the ultimate goal of identifying research priorities to guide patient care in the 21st Century.

This meeting is endorsed by the American Thoracic Society.


  • To invite experts with specific expertise in metabolic diseases, and those with expertise in obesity and lung disease to discuss the current state of the art and most recent findings.
  • To organize a small, highly interactive meeting to facilitate the development and exchange of ideas to identify research priorities and the development of new collaborations.
  • To educate the scientific and clinical community on obesity and lung disease with the ultimate goal of improving patient care for individuals suffering with obesity and lung disease.

Call for Abstracts

The Organizing Committee invites papers in the area of obesity and lung disease for consideration for oral presentation and/or poster discussion format at the conference.

Abstracts should be submitted no later than July 31, 2015

Presenters will be contacted by September 1, 2015 regarding oral/poster format of the presentation.

General Guidelines

  • Please submit original scientific findings.
  • Word Limit: 300 words.
  • May include 1 figure and 1 table.

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