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Credentialing Process for University of Vermont Clinical Research Personnel

Physicians and other clinicians carrying out diagnosis, prognosis or treatment of patients at UVM Medical Center are credentialed through standardized protocols administered by the UVM Medical Center Medical Staff Office (MSO).  UVM employees involved in clinical research who are not credentialed through the MSO will be credentialed through the Office of Clinical Trials Research (OCTR) and on boarded through the UVM Medical Center Human Resources Department.  The Director of the OCTR at UVM, in coordination with the sponsoring UVM Medical Center director, will be responsible for approving credentialing at UVM and forwarding the credentialed employee to UVM Medical Center Human Resources Department for on boarding and identification.  The sponsoring UVM Medical Center director will be responsible for ongoing monitoring and oversight of the UVM research employees in their area(s).

It is mandatory for University of Vermont (UVM) employees involved in clinical research activities at The University of Vermont Medical Center (UVMMC) to complete and submit the credentialing documents to the Office of Clinical Trials Research (OCTR).  This includes working on projects involving direct patient interaction, retrieving blood, tissue, or health record data review.

OCTR is responsible for collecting the required credentialing files for UVM clinical research staff.  This registration function assures that research staff will have the appropriate orientation, competency, and oversight before participating in research activities.  Once these files are complete, the UVM staff member will be notified that a research badge has been issued at the UVMMC Human Resources Department.  This badge must be worn at all times when the researcher is working in a University of Vermont Medical Center location. 

To ensure we are diligent in maintaining and keeping our files current, the UVMMC research badge expires annually on June 30th.

Initial Credentialing Process for UVM Research Personnel

Renewal Credentialing Process


Frequently asked questions:

How do I obtain a UVMMC M number and access to the mandatories?

A UVMMC supervisor for the department where the research is conducted will send a request to UVMMC IS Security. Please provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Last four digits of your social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Job title
  • Name of person you report to
  • UVM Department
  • Work number
  • Campus address

How do I print a copy of my completed UVMMC Mandatories?

I am a faculty member and my position doesn't require an annual job performance?    

  • A faculty member may submit an Appointment Letter from the Dean or Department Chair.

I am a physician at UVMMC, do I need to submit credentialing documents?   

  • No, a physician has already completed credentialing for the Medical Center and does not need to submit additional documentation through UVM. 

• How do I obtain access to PRISM?   

  • A UVMMC Supervisor for the department where the research is conducted will submit a PRISM Access Request.  

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