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22 College of Medicine Endowed Faculty Recognized at Inaugural Investiture Event

Fifty-one professors and chairs were honored at the investiture ceremony held in Ira Allen Chapel.
Fifty-one professors and chairs were honored at the investiture ceremony held in Ira Allen Chapel.

The University of Vermont Foundation hosted the University’s first Investiture of Endowed Faculty on April 16, 2014 in Ira Allen Chapel on the UVM campus. More than 50 endowed professors and chairs were recognized in a colorful program that began with a ceremonial procession from Billings Library to Ira Allen Chapel.

Dating back to the Middle Ages – an era ripe with symbolic traditions and elaborate rituals – investiture ceremonies were held by early European universities to honor their scholars. This new tradition at UVM will further elevate the stature of endowed faculty positions, which rank among the highest honors the University can bestow, and will highlight the importance of endowed positions in their support of the academic enterprise.

UVM President Tom Sullivan says the faculty honorees are “some of the finest intellects, the most talented teachers, and most gifted scholars among a faculty who in total make up an extraordinary and outstanding academic community.”

The day also recognized the donors whose generous gifts over the years have created UVM’s endowed chairs and professorships. Donations that create a faculty endowment help to pay for a professor’s salary, as well as enhancements to the recipient’s teaching, research and other scholarly activities using annual earnings on the donation.

Each honored faculty member was presented with a medallion signifying the status and distinction of their position. More than a dozen donors, as well as students, faculty colleagues and other members of the university community, attended the event.

UVM College of Medicine endowed professors include:

Benjamin Littenberg, M.D., Henry and Carleen Tufo Chair in General Internal Medicine
Polly Parsons, M.D., E.L. Amidon, M.D.’32 Chair in the Department of Medicine
Richard Solomon, M.D., Robert and Genevieve Patrick Chair in Nephrology

Neurological Sciences
Rodney L. Parsons, Ph.D., Thayer Professorship in Anatomy

Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences
Ira Bernstein, M.D., John Van Sicklen Maeck, M.D.’39 Chair

Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation
Bruce Beynnon, Ph.D., McClure Professorship in Musculoskeletal Research

James J. Hudziak, M.D., Thomas M. Achenbach Chair in Developmental Psychopathology

John Lunde, M.D., Ernest Hiram Buttles, M.D.’08 Chair

Jeffrey Horbar, M.D., Jerold F. Lucey, M.D. Chair in Neonatal Medicine
C. Lawrence Kien, M.D., Ph.D’, Mary Kay Davignon Green & Gold Professor
Marshall L. Land Jr., M.D., R. James McKay Jr., M.D. Green & Gold Professor
Roger F. Soll, M.D., Harry W. Wallace Professorship in Neonatology

Jeffrey Klein, M.D., A. Bradley Soule and John Tampas Green & Gold Professor
Kristen DeStigter, M.D., John P. And Kathryn H. Tampas Green & Gold Professor

James Hebert, M.D., Albert G. Mackay, M.D. '32 and H.Gordon Page, M.D. '45 Professor in Surgical Education
Neil Hyman, M.D., Samuel B. & Michelle D. Labow Green & Gold Professor in Colon & Rectal Surgery
Frank P. Ittleman, M.D., Frank P. Ittleman, M.D. Professor in Surgery
Brian Y. Kim, M.D., Elliot W. Shipman Professorship in Ophthalmology
David N. Krag, M.D., S.D. Ireland Family Professorship in Surgical Oncology
Bruce Tranmer, M.D., Cordell E. Gross, M.D. Green & Gold Professor in Neurosurgery
Peter Weimersheimer, M.D., Peter Weimersheimer, M.D. Professor in Emergency Medicine

Vermont Cancer Center
Claire Verschraegen, M.D., Irwin H. Krakoff, M.D. Green & Gold Professor

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