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Kenneth Mann, Ph.D.

Kenneth Mann, Ph.D.

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Biochemistry, Colch Res Fac 235C


Dr. Mann received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry (C.S. Vestling) at the University of Iowa. After additional post- doctoral training in physical biochemistry at Duke University (C. Tanford), he moved to the University of Minnesota as an Assistant Professor. His interest in applying Physical Biochemistry techniques to elucidating the varied physical and functional interactions of proteins in the blood coagulation process led to a move to the Mayo Clinic (Mayo Medical School), where he achieved the rank of Professor of Biochemistry and Medicine and became Vice Chair of the Department of Medicine. He came to UVM in 1984 as Professor and Chair of Biochemistry and he relinquished the Chair in 2005. He became an active emeritus professor in 2013 and maintains a large extramurally funded research program in Colchester. Dr. Mann has received many National and international awards, including the E. Donnall Thomas Award (ASH), the Sherry Award (AHA), the Wood Medal (ISTH), the Pioneer in Hematology Award (ASH), the Distinguished Alumnus Award (Mayo Foundation), the Distinguished Alumnus Achievement Award (University of Iowa), the Henri Chaigneau Prize (Association Francaise des Hemophiles), received a Special Recognition Award from the American Heart Association in 2008 and was named a Distinguished Scientist by the American Heart Association in 2011.


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