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Investiture Ceremony Honors Higgins as Inaugural Donaldson Professor

An Investiture of Endowed Faculty ceremony hosted by the University of Vermont Foundation on March 30, 2016 presented Stephen Higgins, Ph.D., with the inaugural Virginia H. Donaldson MD '51 Professorship. An accomplished investigator whose work has attracted some of the most significant funding ever achieved at the University of Vermont, Higgins’ 30-plus years of addiction research includes groundbreaking work in contingency management. A member of the UVM Department of Psychiatry faculty since 1986, Higgins is director of the VCBH. Read more>>>


Higgins Finds Further Evidence that Financial Incentives Help Pregnant Women Quit Smoking


For the last three decades, developing more effective smoking cessation interventions for pregnant women has been a public health priority. But one treatment – financial incentives – stands out in terms of efficacy and cost-effectiveness, according to a review of research developments on this topic done by Stephen T. Higgins, Ph.D., Professor in the Departments of Psychiatry and Psychology at the University of Vermont, and the Director of the Vermont Center on Behavior and Health. Read more>>>


Hughes Lends Expertise to Reuters Story on "Quiting Smoking Abruptly"


VCBH Investigator and UVM Professor of Psychiatry John Hughes, M.D., a nationally recognzied tobacco researcher, was quoted in the recent Reuters' Health story, “Quitting Smoking Abruptly Has Best Long-Term Results.” The article was picked up by a number of national media outlets, including NBC News and the New York Post. Hughes was also quoted in a recent Yahoo Health report on "Nicotine Gum Addiction: Is It Harmful?"



International Addiction Expert Comes Home to UVM as VCBH Faculty

The VCBH welcomes Richard Rawson, Ph.D., a global leader in addiction research, to the UVM faculty. After earning a Ph.D. in experimental psychology from UVM in 1974, Rawson enjopyed a 40-year career with UCLA where he served as co-director of the Integrated Substance Abuse Program. “I am grateful for the opportunity to come home to UVM,” Rawson says of his appointment as professor of psychiatry. “I look forward to contributing to the excellent work the VCBH is doing to address the opioid epidemic in Vermont.” Read more>>>

VCBH Investigators Collaborate on Research, Results Published in Addiction


According to research led by a team of VCBH investigators, an initial period of daily contingent incentives among opioid-maintained smokers appears to be more effective at extending smoking abstinence than non-contingent reinforcement. Stacey C. Sigmon, Ph.D., Sarah H. Heil, Ph.D., and former VCBH fellow Mollie E. Miller, Ph.D., (Brown University) collaborated with VCBH Director Stephen T. Higgins, Ph.D., on the clinical trial. Read abstract and article>>>


Sprague Part of NCI-Funded Team to Study Early-Stage Breast Cancers

With the support of a new $3.7 million federal grant from the National Cancer Institute, an interdisciplinary team at UVM's Cancer Center — including VCBH Project Director Brian Sprague, Ph.D. — will investigate why some breast cancers remain idle and others progress. Read more>>>


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