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International Addiction Expert Comes Home to UVM as VCBH Faculty

The VCBH is delighted to welcome Richard Rawson, Ph.D., a global leader in addiction research, to the UVM faculty. After earning a Ph.D. in experimental psychology from UVM in 1974, Rawson embarked on 40-year career with UCLA where he most recently served as co-director of the Integrated Substance Abuse Program. “I am very grateful for the opportunity to come home to UVM,” Rawson says of his appointment as professor of psychiatry. “I look forward to contributing to the excellent work already being done by the VCBH to address the opioid epidemic in Vermont.” Read more>>>

VCBH Investigators Collaborate on Research, Results Published in Addiction


According to research led by a team of VCBH investigators, an initial period of daily contingent incentives among opioid-maintained smokers appears to be more effective at extending smoking abstinence than non-contingent reinforcement. Stacey C. Sigmon, Ph.D., Sarah H. Heil, Ph.D., and former VCBH fellow Mollie E. Miller, Ph.D., (Brown University) collaborated with VCBH Director Stephen T. Higgins, Ph.D., on the clinical trial. Read abstract and article>>>


Sprague Part of NCI-Funded Team to Study Early-Stage Breast Cancers

With the support of a new $3.7 million federal grant from the National Cancer Institute, an interdisciplinary team at UVM's Cancer Center — including VCBH Project Director Brian Sprague, Ph.D. — will investigate why some breast cancers remain idle and others progress. Read more>>>


Hughes Featured in WalletHub's "True Cost of Smoking" Online Article

In light of Tobacco-Free Awareness Week and to encourage the more than 66 million tobacco users in the U.S. to kick the dangerous habit, WalletHub’s analysts gauged the true per-person cost of smoking in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. John Hughes, M.D., UVM professor of psychiatry and VCBH investigator, talked with the online magazine's editors about the most effective strategies for quitting. Read the story>>>


Ades Receives 2015 "Senior Researcher of the Year" Award

On December 10, Philip Ades, M.D., VCBH associate director and UVM professor of cardiovascular medicine, was bestowed the 2015 Senior Researcher of the Year Award from the UVM Medical Group (MG). The award, which comes with a cash prize and grant funding, honors one physician each year for exceptional teaching and research efforts.


VCBH Launches Second Preventive Medicine Special Issue, November 2015

The November 2015 Special Issue of Preventive Medicine is the second to be organized by VCBH investigators, featuring an introduction by Director Stephen Higgins, Ph.D. The theme, "Behavior Change, Health, and Health Disparities," is of fundamental importance to improving population health and effectively managing chronic health conditions. See the issue>>>


Gaalema Shares Suggestions for Holiday Health & Behavior on VPR

Short of fasting and avoiding all human contact, the holiday season presents an abudance of food, drink and frivolity opportunities. VCBH Researcher and UVM Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Diann Gaalema talked with Vermont Public Radio about the causes of excessive behavior and offers suggestions for mitigating the damage. Listen here>>>


Sigmon Talks Methodone Success Rate & Contigency Management Research

Stacey Sigmon, Ph.D., recently spoke with WCAX Newschannel 3 about the 90-percent success rate of Methadone and Subxone maintenance at the Chittenden Clinic, where she serves as Director. She explained how VCBh research shows that even more opiate abusers could be helped if "contingency management incentives were used."See the story>>>


VCBH's Garavan to Play Role in Large-Scale NIH Study of Adolescent Brain

Hugh Garavan, Ph.D., VCBH director of neuroimaging and UVM professor of psychiatry, will lead UVM's research efforts in a huge landmark study on the effects of substance use on the still-developing teen-aged brain. More than 10,000 children, ages 9 to 10, will be enrolled and followed for 10 years. Read the story>>>


Interim Buprenorphine Trial Helps Vermonters on Methadone Clinic Waitlists

The VCBH's Stacey Sigmon, Ph.D., saw the need for a clinical trial that would use technology to improve the lives of people awaiting treatment at methadone clinics. A year-and-a-half ago, she received a $650,000 NIH grant to design such a program and the preliminary results are encouraging.  Read the story>>>



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