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The UVM College of Medicine Fund

The Giving Connection

COM Cares

Your annual donations to the UVM College of Medicine Fund support Scholarship and make community service activities such as COM Cares Day possible. COM Cares Day is led by College of Medicine's Schweitzer fellows and is one of many ways that medical students provide service to the community. Scholarship support and community outreach are among the many areas that face a constant and growing need for resources; thanks to the continued generosity of alumni and friends, students will be supported as they continue to pursue careers in service to medicine and community.

Helping the College of Medicine to recruit the best students and to educate and train them to be the best doctors possible.

The UVM College of Medicine Fund is a resource and helping hand for the next generation of physicians and scientists at the UVM College of Medicine. It will continue in the tradition of the 21st Century Fund and the Century Fund before that—bringing together the annual support of many alumni, faculty and friends to provide for such things as:

  • Scholarship
  • Research opportunities for medical students
  • Technology investment and development
  • Community Service projects
  • Student Wellness
  • Alumni Outreach

Student Success

While there are many ways to support the UVM College of Medicine—all important to the many mission areas of the College—the slice of funding that is the UVM College of Medicine fund is golden, and vital to the year-to-year success of the College and those that it serves. This greatest-need fund will provide reliable funding to relieve student debt and to enhance the student experience EVERY YEAR.

The College welcomes the chance to answer your questions about the UVM College of Medicine Fund. Please contact Allison Searson, Director of Annual Giving, Health Sciences, at (802) 656-4014 or email

Please join the many who have already pledged their support to the UVM College of Medicine Fund.

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