University of Vermont

College of Medicine

Office of Primary Care and Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) Program

Vermont Academic Detailing Team

Photo of Charles MacLean, MD

Charles D. MacLean, MD
Associate Dean for Primary Care
Academic Detailer, 2007-Present

Picture of Amanda Kennedy, PharmD, BCPS

Amanda G. Kennedy, PharmD, BCPS
Director, The Vermont Academic Detailing Program
Academic Detailer, 2003-Present

Photo of Michele Corriveau

Michele P. Corriveau, BS Pharm
Academic Detailer, 2008-Present

Photo of Richard Pinckney, MD

Richard G. Pinckney, MD, MPH
Academic Detailer, 2003-Present

Photo of Gary Starecheski

Gary Starecheski, Rph
Academic Detailer, 2008-Present

Photo Whitney Calkins, MD

Whitney Calkins, MD
Academic Detailer, 2010-Present

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