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Explore Health Careers

The Vermont AHEC Program encourages young people and career-changers to consider health care for a rewarding and in-demand career. Here are ways that AHEC can help:

Explore Health Care Careers on the Web

An AHEC web site to help students/career changers learn about health careers and educational pathways. Go to: to explore opportunities for jobs that offer respect, appreciation and great pay.

"Health Careers – More Than a Job" is a directory that describes in detail health professions in greatest need of employees, especially in Vermont. Each job description includes: work environments, job outlook, salary, education needed, education programs in Vermont and New England, web sites for additional facts, and in some cases, profiles of Vermonters in that profession.

You can browse the directory’s pages online and print out those you want or look through a copy at one of the many locations where they have been mailed, such as Vermont schools, college libraries, public libraries, and employment and training centers. Or, request your own copy by contacting one of the three AHEC state offices.

To receive your copy of the directory, call:

Job Shadowing, Summer Learning, Classroom Presentations

Vermont AHEC offers a variety of activities that include:

  • Medquest summer sessions for high school students to explore health careers
  • Health Careers Shadow days when students can spend a day exploring a health career with a professional in the field
  • Health Career Exploration classroom visits to engage students in health careers discussions, using hands-on tools of the trade and a well-developed curriculum.

Student Career Fairs, Professional Conferences

Vermont AHEC brings health career information regularly to student career fairs, professional conferences and workforce development activities around the state. Look for our booth where you can get information about health care careers in Vermont.

"Health Care Career Awareness Month" Becomes Vermont Law

The designation of each October as "Health Care Career Awareness Month" was enacted into law in May 2010 as part of Act 128, "An act relating to health care financing and universal access to health care in Vermont." Vermont's Area Health Education Centers, along with the Vermont Health Care Workforce Development Partners, and other partners, plan a series of events to teach young people about health care career options and the opportunities for health care careers in Vermont and around the nation.

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