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Why UVM College of Medicine?

Educating a diverse group of physicians and medical scientists is the primary mission of the College. Our students graduate as culturally competent medical professionals ready for the challenges and rewards of our global society.

The proof is in our results

The College has an outstanding reputation for educating and training superb physicians, and the tangible result of that reputation, plus the hard work of our students, is seen every year when our medical students across the nation receive word of their acceptance into post-graduate residency training.

A UVM education is nationally recognized for:

The College is located on the campus of the University of Vermont and is physically connected to our academic medical center partners The University of Vermont Medical Center, and the College of Nursing & Health Sciences. Thanks to that physical closeness, our students experience the benefit of collaboration and connections unique to an academic medical center.

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"UVM combines both a strong academic curriculum with an emphasis on having faculty and students who are well rounded and supportive of each other. UVM is a place where the students, staff, and administration work together. Your voice is respected and heard here."

Dedicated Faculty

A hallmark of the educational experience at the College has always been the close, individualized attention given to students by our faculty. That attention translates into the distinct individual care future physicians give their patients.

Quality of Life

With nearly 140,000 people in the city and its surrounding area, Burlington, VT is often called the "nation's smallest big city," and it doesn't take a long time of living here to realize why. The medical campus centrally located within the 450-acre main campus of the University of Vermont (UVM), our students experience the full range of attractions and activities befitting the state's flagship university with ten schools and colleges.

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