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Waitlist & Acceptance


Once an interview has been completed, applicants will be notified of the admissions committee's decision. Committee decisions are Acceptance, Waitlist or Not Accepted. All admissions decisions will be posted via the Online Applicant Center.


Applicants offered provisionsal acceptance will be required to submit a deposit of $100 with their response, which will be applied to tuition charges for the first year. If an applicant sends a signed letter of withdrawal, postmarked by April 30, the deposit will be refunded.

Provisionally accepted applicants must also release the results of a criminal background check to the College of Medicine.


For applicants who are offered a position on the waitlist, please note that the waitlist is not ranked and movement occurs throughout the admissions season. UVM utilizes a rolling admissions process, and waitlisted applicants may be accepted at any time during the admissions season.

Our waitlist season is open until the first day of orientation.

Please note that the admissions office staff will not disclose the number of applicants on the waitlist. In addition, we cannot make predictions as to the movement of the waitlist or an applicant's chances of admission in a given season so please keep this in mind if you contact the admissions office.







It is not necessary to submit additional letters of recommendation, letters of reference, etc., as these will not influence an applicant's place on the waitlist. The Office of Admissions does encourage waitlisted applicants to periodically contact the admissions office reaffirming their interest in the UVM College of Medicine please do so via email to

Once the class has been filled and the waitlist season has closed applicant's will be notified via the Online Applicant Center.

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