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Technology Integration

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The College of Medicine embraces technology in all aspects of the curriculum and is committed to providing, supporting and teaching with cutting-edge informatics. College of Medicine Education Tools, or COMET, is the electronic backbone of the Vermont Integrated Curriculum.

COMET is a portal to a wide range of functionality throughout all four years. This web-based learning management system offers every student and every faculty member universal access to every lecture and piece of course content. It is a central information source during all four years of medical school. All of this is supported by a staff of IT professionals who are available to answer questions, offer training and support student learning.

Other features include, a discussion board, an intranet search engine, faculty evaluation system, video streaming, virtual microscope for viewing histology slides, a virtual pathology lab, execution of exams and even the latest local and international news. COMET access even continues after graduation as a tool for our alumni.






"On Thursday we learned about myocardial infarctions in lecture; Thursday night I was studying histology sections depicting atherosclerotic plaques, a thrombus, and post-MI necrosis- all from my laptop computer at home."

Tablet computers are given to each incoming student at the College. These tablets allow students to take notes with a pen tool instead of typing, index those notes, and actively mark up images for later study. Tied into our COMET system, the tablets download and index course materials for each student, allowing them to work with course materials offline anytime, anywhere.

A Secure Exam System is also part of UVM's online learning environment. This system allows testing of students in the same way they are taught, with color images, movies and sounds. It also better prepares our students for their online licensing exams.

Audiocasting of Lectures and Course-Based Wikis are two other recent innovations that were driven directly by student interest. Students reported that the ability to listen to lectures multiple times added to their understanding. As a result, the College programmed automated lecture capture for all Level One Foundations courses. Students can now download these lectures and listen to them whenever they need to review. The College is in its third year of using wikis as a collaborative student learning space attached to courses.This secure wiki lets students share notes, web sites and other learning tools directly in the context of the course. Students are also using wikis for their leadership group public health projects in their second year.

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