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Student Research at UVM

All UVM students participate in research as part of the Vermont Integrated Curriculum, and many take advantage of research opportunties available outside of the classroom. The time students devote to research during medical school depends upon their motivation and priorities. Students pursue clinical or laboratory research during summer vacations, during their fourth year, through the clinical and academic departments.


Public Health Research

All UVM students apply their group leadership and professional skills to public health projects. These projects begin to develop the background in population-based medicine and prevention a health care professional needs to fully address the range of health issues that impact people of all ages, both now and in the future. Public health projects are carried out in Vermont communities and enable students to apply the principles and science of public health to these needs in the community.

Recent public health projects have included:


Public Health Project Community Partner
Identifying Barriers to Health Care in the Burmese and Bhutanese Refugee Populations of Burlington, VT Community Health Center
Alcohol Misuse in Elderly Care Facilities in Chittenden County Starr Farm Nursing Center
Referral Patterns Between Allopathic Physicians & Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioners UVM College of Medicine Program in Integrative Medicine
Eligibility Worker: Navigating Patients Through the Social Services Maze Burlington Community Health Center
The Impact of Paid Sick Days on Public Health in an Elementary School Population Peace & Justice Center
Suburban Satellite Health Care Facilities Limit Access for Low Income Patients Committee on Temporary Shelter & Safe Harbor
Food Shelf Friendly: Increasing the Nutritional Quality of Food Shelf Donations Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf
What is the Value of Group Nutrition Education for Older Adults with Diabetes? Burlington Housing Authority
Public Perceptions of Smoking in the Workplace Vermont Lung Association


The Scholarly Project

The purpose of the Scholarly Project, which is available to students during their final year, is to encourage the development of students as physician-scholars by gaining an understanding of the processes and methods involved in scientific inquiry. A scholarly project polishes inquiry, analytical, and communication skills. It solidifies the foundation for lifelong learning by providing a background against which critical evaluation of data can be carried out. The research project may be in the basic or clinical sciences. Read more about the Scholarly Project (pdf).

Other Student Research Opportunities

labEach year some students choose to take part in a variety of research opportunities that are offered to medical students locally and nationwide. There are many programs available that focus on clinical and/or basic science investigations. Program durations can vary from a few months to a few years and opportunities can be found at universities across the country and in many different countries. Students have performed research work in communities across Vermont and the nation, and in places such as Nepal, Ethiopia, Argentina and the Himalayas.

Programs that have gained national recognition and/or that UVM students have recently participated in include:
  • Doris Duke Clinical Research Fellowship for Medical Students
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Research Scholars Program
  • Medical Student Neuroscience Research Fellowship (at UVM)
  • NIH Clinical Research Training Program
  • Environmental Pathology at the UVM College of Medicine

Student Research Funding

The College of Medicine supports several Summer Research Fellowships. Students whose research projects are selected are awarded a stipend up to $3000 to support student living costs for an 8 week project. These fellowships are used to support research at UVM, FAHC, nationally or internationally.

In addition to Summer Research Fellowships funded by the Dean's office, other sources of funding include individual faculty sponsors, departmental training grants or other sources depending on the specific area of research.

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